Before Fluminense’s highlight, Nenê loses space and experiences uncertainty near the end of the contract | Rio de Janeiro

for who already lived a “Nenedependence” in 2020, the Fluminense of today seems to rely less and less on Nenê. The 40-year-old midfielder, who since last season had been prominent with goals and assists, lost space and is experiencing an atmosphere of uncertainty at the club in the last months of his contract. Your bond ends on December 31st, and the ge found that so far he has not been approached to discuss a possible renewal.

Nenê went from the title-holder to the third midfield option in the squad — Photo: Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF

A year ago, the board announced the permanence of Nenê until the end of 2021. At the time, the 77 shirt was none other than Brazil’s top scorer with 15 goals, tied with Tiago Orobó, then player of Fortaleza. Nenê also scored five more times and ended last season as Fluminense’s top scorer, playing an important role in the race towards the Libertadores. In 2021, the midfielder became the team’s waiter and leads the tricolor ranking with six assists.

But everything changed in August. From Roger Machado’s absolute titleholder, Nenê lost his place in the 1-0 defeat by América-MG, on the last 8th, at Independência. Coincidence or not, that was when the midfielder was caught by the TV cameras hitting a kick on the advertising board as he left the field after being replaced. After that, he became the reserve and the coach’s third option, who selected Ganso in the decisive game against Barcelona de Guayaquil, from Ecuador. When he got injured, the one chosen for the place was Cazares. The 77 shirt only entered the final 20 minutes of the Libertadores tricolor elimination.

Nenê has 28 goals and 11 assists in 117 games with the Fluminense shirt — Photo: Reuters

When the coach was fired after the sequence of poor results, the expectation was that Nenê would regain space with the signing of Marcão, with whom he had already started in the final stretch of last season. But the reality so far has been quite different: he came in at the end of the first two games with the coach, playing 19 minutes in total, and he did not leave the bench in the last two games, against Bahia and Juventude. The newly signed Colombian Jhon Arias was ahead of the competitors in the position, and Cazares is the one who has been called up in the second half.

People close to the 77 shirt guarantee that there is no problem between him and Marcão or with the squad, and that the midfielder has not been used due to the tactical scheme that the coach has used, with a trio of defensive midfielders in the middle of the field and two speed tips. As there are also other players at the end of their contract, the uncertainties are not exclusive to Nenê, who still has plans to play for another two or three years, even if it’s not in Laranjeiras.

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