Bianca Andrade talks about the pain that silicone causes during breastfeeding: “No doctor warned me about this”

The businesswoman reported her experience

By: Maria Luise Brey | September 3 – 10:49

Influencer and businesswoman Bianca Andrade spoke about breastfeeding women with silicone implants, and revealed the discomfort she feels when answering some questions from followers on her Instagram. Biana is the mother of baby Cris, almost two months old, the result of her relationship with youtuber Fred.

“Do you think silicone made the pain of breastfeeding increase?”, asked an internet user. “This is an extremely important issue to debate. My right breast still hurts when breastfeeding and much less milk comes out, I still had mastitis in it”, she began.

“It could be an interference from the silicone. It’s a piece inside your breast, squeezing the ducts (where the milk is extracted), my obstetrician said that there is a chance, yes, the silicone gets in the way, but no doctor warned me about this at the time of the surgery”, added Bianca.

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  • 2/2 Source: Play/ Instagram

The businesswoman also commented that the first days of breastfeeding were the worst: “I changed about many things after I lived reality. Breastfeeding was the first. In this video I was feeling an absurd pain. I knew it would hurt, but, besides that, Cris had a lot of difficulty making the catch because my nipple is more ‘flat’. For 15 days it was a nightmare and to this day I don’t know how hard I put up with it”.


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