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Corinthians’ search for new recipes has gained traction in the digital market in recent weeks. During the club’s anniversary live, one of the sponsorships announced was that of Mercado Bitcoin, a company in the cryptocurrency business.

O ge found that the agreement with the company lasts for 16 months, until January 2023.

The company, unlike Só, which gained visibility in recent days for the sale in record time of 850,000 fan tokens from the club, will sponsor the club and will stamp the brand on the shirt bar, on the lower front.

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Corinthians also has bitcoin sponsorship — Photo: ge

The club’s entry into the digital assets market raised doubts from fans on social networks about the topics. Last Friday, the ge explained in detail how a fan token works.

– Bitcoin (BTC) is the first decentralized and global digital currency. It was created by Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonym of a person or group, who presented the project by email to a list of crypto enthusiasts in 2008. BTC was developed amidst the global financial crisis that began in the US market with the to replace paper money and eliminate the need for an institution to intermediate the operations.

– Its operation is global, decentralized and open source, operating by consensus rules. In other words, it doesn’t depend on governments, companies or formal institutions to operate. Unlike, for example, fiat currencies, which are the governments that are in control – explained journalist Mayra Siqueira, a financial market specialist and general manager of Binance in Brazil.

On the Mercado Biticoin website, there are nine options only for cryptocurrencies, all created from bitcoin.

Corinthians did not inform the value of the sponsorship made with the company. With the new agreement, Timão now has nine sponsors on the men’s professional team.

  • Neo Chemistry Vitamins
  • BMG Bank
  • Midea
  • Positive
  • guys bet
  • Everyone’s Card
  • Guarana Poty
  • Bitcoin Market
  • ale

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