Bolsa Família Calendar for the month of September; check dates

Bolsa Família calendar already has all the transfer dates for the month of September. See when you will receive the money.

You still don’t know when you will receive the Bolsa Família amounts this month? Tudo Bahia made a table with the schedule published by Caixa Econômica Federal. So, check the dates of the Bolsa Família calendar for the month of September in our matter.

Transfers from Bolsa Família follow the last digit of the Social Identification Number (NIS). Therefore, there is a payment order that starts at NIS 1 and goes to NIS ending with 0. The amounts start to be deposited on the 17th and last until September 30th, 2021. At the moment, those who are enrolled in the program are earning the emergency assistance.

Bolsa Família Calendar 2021 September

Check the Bolsa Família calendar for the month of September according to the final digit of the NIS:

NIS final digitPayment dates
NIS 1September 17, 2021
NIS 2September 20, 2021
NIS 3September 21, 2021
NIS 4September 22, 2021
NIS 5September 23, 2021
NIS 6September 24, 2021
NIS 7September 27, 2021
NIS 8September 28, 2021
NIS 9September 29, 2021
NIS 0September 30, 2021

Attention! The calendar above does not include the group of workers and those registered in the Single Registry. There is another calendar for these beneficiaries.

New Bolsa Família: government announces changes

On August 9, President Jair Bolsonaro delivered to the Chamber the proposal that creates the Bolsa Família, called Auxílio Brasil. The Provisional Measure (MP) aims to change the number of people in the program and increase the amounts received by beneficiaries.

Despite talking about readjustments, the government has not yet defined how much each person will receive. For now, the Ministry of Economy works with the amount of R$300. However, recently, Bolsonaro even asked that the amount reach R$400.

At the same time, the economic team has been finding it difficult to find funding for the new program. Therefore, the real feasibility of the proposal is still unknown.