Bolsonaro reportedly passed on ‘split’ command to his children after discovering betrayal

Former employee of the Bolsonaro family Marcelo Luiz Nogueira dos Santos not only told how the transfer of values ​​in the split scheme in the family’s offices would work, but also who would be the commander of the scheme.

Nogueira told columnist Guilherme Amado, from the portal metropolises, that the scheme was led by Ana Cristina Siqueira do Valle with the approval of Jair Bolsonaro, then federal deputy. He would, however, hand over the command to the sons Flávio and Carlos soon after discovering a betrayal of her, his wife at the time.

The couple separated in 2008. Months earlier, according to the former advisor’s report, the captain had discovered that Ana Cristina was betraying him with her security guard, military firefighter Luiz Cláudio Teixeira, responsible for the clan’s escort in Rio de Janeiro. The children would then have been responsible for collecting the money from the employees’ salaries.

In the interview, Nogueira says that he knew about the betrayal before Bolsonaro and that would have motivated his resignation.

“I couldn’t tell him, because I had the confidence of both of them, I was stuck. So I made the decision that it was better for me to get away and leave them aside, so that they could settle their lives there. If I kept quiet, when he found out, I would come out as a traitor, having betrayed his trust. If I told him, I would look bad with her. I didn’t want to look bad with anyone. So I got hurt, I asked for my resignation and stuff,” he says.

The official adds that when Bolsonaro learned of his motivation, he spoke to him to say that he did not need to resign. “I was the only sucker who went with her, and even so I feel wronged because she never valued me for it”, he reveals.

The former advisor also told details of another suspected case involving the couple. According to him, Ana Cristina faked the robbery of a safe at Banco do Brasil in an attempt to incriminate Bolsonaro and get permanent custody of her son Renan. In the safe there would be 600 thousand in jewelry, 30 thousand dollars and 200 thousand reais in cash, according to the report.

“She really emptied it. Who was going to empty it? The safe is in his and her name. He wasn’t even there… She’s so retarded that I wanted to blame him,” he said when asked by the portal if he was sure what he was saying.

The robbery became a police case and was part of the fight for guarding ’04’. Investigations into the case, however, never progressed. Ana never went to the police station to testify. At the time, Bolsonaro reportedly told the police that he would return the money if the son returned from Norway, where he went to live with his mother after the separation. The two entered into an agreement then.

“She filed a lawsuit against Banco do Brasil, but when she was summoned, it wasn’t. She saw that she screwed up and didn’t even show up. The process kept going. She was the one who cleaned the safe, before deciding on things,” added Nogueira.

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