Bolsonaro will have to decide whether he wants to preside over Brazil or set fire to the circus – 03/09/2021

No matter how big the acts called by Bolsonaro for September 7th —and they shouldn’t be small—, the president will wake up the next day with the same problems on the table: GDP stagnation, fiscal ruin, empty reservoirs, the institutional crisis and the Delta variant. Raptures and ultimatums will not bring economic growth, the budgetary bonanza, the rains, the harmony between the Powers and the extermination of the virus.

This Friday, oblivious to the reality that engulfs his mandate, Bolsonaro went to Bahia to sign the concession contract for a railway section between the cities of Ilhéus and Caetité. In speaking, he didn’t say a word about the tracks. He talked about September 7th, his obsession. He expressed himself as if he wanted to derail institutional relations between the Executive and the Judiciary.

Bolsonaro referred to the street demonstrations he called for Independence Day as an “ultimatum” from the people to one or two people from the Supreme Court. The two enemies of the president, as is known, are ministers Alexandre de Moraes and Luís Roberto Barroso, who are also part of the Superior Electoral Court.

The captain reiterated that he need not “depart from the four lines of the Constitution.” But he warned that he knows how to play outside the constitutional field. “If anyone wants to play outside these four lines, we will show that we can also assert the will and strength of the people.” His devotees sang the usual chorus: “I authorize.”

The day before, Bolsonaro had said that the country was “at peace” and that “no one need fear the 7th of September.” Considering the resumption of the bellicose tone, the president was not serious when he sounded peaceful.

Dictionaries teach that ultimatum is the word used when, in a war, the military leader demands the enemy’s surrender, under the threat of obtaining it by more violent means. Bolsonaro said he does not criticize institutions or powers. He thinks he’s warring with two people. Mistake.

The TSE and the Supremo endorse Moraes and Barroso. Bolsonaro is already responding to seven cases — four in the Supreme Court, three in the Electoral Court. The president of the Chamber, Arthur Lira, arranged for the deputies to bury the proposal for a printed vote. Senate bigwig Rodrigo Pacheco filed his impeachment order against Alexandre de Moraes.

Bolsonaro is more isolated than he thinks. Declining in research, it confuses the devotees of the playpen with the people. Most Brazilians do not want to demonstrate. He prefers to shave — or make up — before leaving for work. Prefer to do job interviews.

On September 8, the situation will continue to demand a definition from Bolsonaro. He has to decide whether he wants to preside over Brazil or set fire to the circus. In 2022, the Brazilian, already well scorched, will go to the polls to choose a president, not a pyromaniac.