Brazil wins in seated volleyball and wins bronze

The Brazilian women’s seated volleyball team won the bronze medal at the Tokyo Paralympics by beating Canada once again, this time by 3 sets to 1. Thus, the team secured third place on the podium, repeating the feat achieved in the Games of Rio, in 2016.

Brazil and Canada faced each other on the debut of the Tokyo Paralympics, when the team got a tight victory, by 3 sets to 2. This time, despite a very balanced game, the team won more easily, without needing the tie-break, with partials of 11/25, 24/26, 26/24 and 25/14. Jani was the Brazilian standout in the match, with 18 points. And Heidi Peters made 14 for the Canadians.

Brazil lost its invincibility in this edition of the Paralympics in the semifinal dispute against the United States, which won with authority by 3 sets to 0. Despite the defeat to the favorites, the team entered focused on the fight for the bronze and did not make it easy for Canada, securing himself on the podium. Thus, he closed the Tokyo Games with bronze and a campaign of four victories – the other two were against Japan and Italy – and only one defeat.

The bronze of the women’s seated volleyball team is the 28th for Brazil in Tokyo. The delegation has 65 podiums, with 21 gold and 16 silver medals.

The game

The medal dispute started point by point. With tranquility, Brazil had the patience to exploit opponents’ mistakes, attack efficiently and open important points of advantage, reaching a front of ten points. Imposing their game, the team was superior and won the first partial by 25/15.

Vibrating with all the points in the decisive match, the selection opened the second set with beautiful attacks, leaving Canada under pressure. The opponents offered more danger to Brazil, but continued to miss important balls. Despite the Brazilian advantage on the scoreboard, the Canadians grew in the match and achieved the comeback, but the selection regained the lead.

With service points, Canada turned the score around. The match returned to the initial panorama, being played point by point, but it was not enough for Brazil to win the set. After the selection saved four set points, the Canadians closed the partial with 26/24.

The Brazilian team entered the third best set and came out ahead on the scoreboard. With good serves and blocks, Brazil started better, but Canada sought the points and turned the game around, opening four-pointers. With aggressiveness, the Canadians grew a lot and made the game difficult. The Brazilians didn’t make it easy, they managed to tie and turned in an incredible way, finishing the partial in 26/24.

After the turn in the third set, the fourth started with Brazil ahead, focused on securing the medal soon. With an 11-point advantage, the team dominated Canada. Nervous, the opponents did not meet inside the court, and the Brazilian team took the opportunity to close with great category a very difficult game, with the partial in 25/14, winning the Paralympic bronze for the second time.