Brusque Futebol Clube announces measures taken after the case of racism against Celsinho

Six days after the case of racism recorded in the match between Brusque and Londrina, the club from Santa Catarina took official measures in relation to what happened. According to the game’s records, a member of the quadricolor team said “go cut that hair, your bee curl.” for the player Celsinho.

Brusque officially communicated the removal of the employee involved in the case. According to the statement, he will be on leave for an indefinite period until the investigation of the facts is completed.

In addition, the club will install monitoring cameras with audio capture. They will be on the covered grandstand at the Augusto Bauer stadium. Finally, Brusque reinforced that it continues to investigate all the facts through the legal department.

Repercussion of the case

One day after the game, the board of Brusque spoke about the accusation made by the player Celsinho, from Londrina. This made the name of the city and the team one of the most talked about topics in Brazil on Twitter.

A few minutes after the text was published, the term “Brusque” was mentioned by almost 10 thousand users of the social network, being the fourth most commented subject.

Users criticized the club’s stance, which accuses the athlete of “opportunism” and that it will take “appropriate measures” against the accusation of racial prejudice, in which Brusque’s board denies having happened.

Four-color team players also demonstrated against racism through their social networks. The case had repercussions in the City Council of Brusque, during an ordinary session. And it caused the removal of one of the sponsors.

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