Caio Ribeiro reveals fight against cancer: ‘I’m sure we’ve won this one’ – Sports

the former player Caio Ribeiro this Friday released a video on his Instagram to reveal that he has cancer. the commentator of TV Globo He explained that he was diagnosed with lymphoma after a lump appeared in his neck and that he is on the penultimate chemotherapy session.

“We’re going to go through this together. There’s just a little to go,” said Caio Ribeiro, who then explained how he found out. “It was at Fisio (which I do prevention for my knee) that I discovered the lump in the neck. I went to the hospital, had tests, punctures and the diagnosis came out: Hodgkin’s lymphoma.”

The commentator stated that the worst is over. “Super treatable and with huge chances (more than 90% of cure). The smallest of the ailments. It’s already at the end and I’m sure we’ve already won this fight. It’s just a matter of time. The head is strong, the body reacting well and coping well with the medication.”

Despite the hair loss, one of the consequences of the treatment, Caio Ribeiro decided to continue working normally. “I’m energized, but maybe you’ll see me a little more haggard and bald in the air,” said the commentator, who added that he was scheduled for Brazil and Argentina, on Sunday, for the South American Qualifiers.

The former player took the opportunity to thank his wife and parents, in addition to the support he received from Globo. “What destroys me is seeing the people you love suffering because of you,” said Caio Ribeiro, who considered it important to publicize his case so that he could generate a debate on the matter.