Caio Ribeiro reveals that he undergoes cancer treatment: “I’m strong, with a good head” | soccer

Commentator Caio Ribeiro, from Globo, revealed this Friday that he has cancer. In a video posted on his Instagram account, he explained that the diagnosis appeared when a lump appeared in his neck. Caio has already started the treatment.

The commentator, who is undergoing chemotherapy, showed confidence in full recovery.

– I was diagnosed with lymphoma, which is called Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The good news is that it has a 95% cure rate and my body is responding very well to the treatment. I’m already in the penultimate chemotherapy session, I’m strong, with a good head, I’m sure that in another 15 days this will pass.

Caio Ribeiro has already started cancer treatment — Photo: Reproduction

Caio Ribeiro, who is 46 years old, pointed out that one of the consequences of the treatment is hair loss, which has already started to happen in the case of the commentator. He stated that he does not want to stop working.

– I intend to continue working, I’m energetic, with a good head, but maybe you’ll see me a little more haggard and bald in the air. But strong, because I’m sure we’ll go through all of this together.

The commentator explained why he decided to make the treatment public.

– I think it’s important for us to talk, I expose these things to you, to reassure everyone.

Hodgkin’s lymphoma is a type of cancer that originates in the lymphatic system (lymph nodes or ganglia), a set of organs and tissues that produce the cells responsible for immunity, and vessels that carry these cells throughout the body.

According to the National Cancer Institute (Inca), this type of lymphoma can appear anywhere in the body, and symptoms depend on its location. If it develops in superficial lymph nodes of the neck, armpits, and groin, painless bulges (swollen lymph nodes) form at these sites.

Read the full text of Caio’s post:

“Let’s get through this together.

When you get news like that, it’s a blast! Insecurity, fear… a lot of things go through your head. I had two options: grieve or lift my head and face it.

It was at Fisio (which I do prevention for my knee) that I discovered the lump in my neck. Thank you @caduramos! You made it so much easier when during a stretch you found a “bump” on my neck strange.

I went to the hospital, did tests, punctures and the diagnosis came out: Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Phase 1, super at the beginning. Located in the neck only. Super treatable and with huge chances (more than 90% of cure). Of the lesser evils.

Phase 2, time to break the news. This one thrills, it hurts the heart. What destroys me is seeing the people you love suffering because of you. I told almost anyone, just family and a few friends. I don’t like breaking news that will make others worried.

Stage 3, treatment. On the 2nd I do the penultimate chemotherapy session. It’s already at the end and I’m sure we’ve already won this fight. It’s only a matter of time. The head is strong, the body is reacting well and handling the medication well.

The most important thing is to know that I have a wonderful family, a warrior wife, a companion, who is holding on well. I love you, love! My friends, thanks for the support!

Dad, Mom, Thaty… love you guys!

Knowing that I have all of you by my side is the certainty that we will turn this game around. The game of life!

It’s believing in God and medicine!

My medical team, Dr. Otávio’s team, is fantastic and is giving me all the support I need.

See you on Sunday, there’s Brazil x Argentina and I’ll be there!”