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Ceará has a total of 2,458,539 people who have completed Covid-19 immunization (two doses of AstraZeneca, CoronaVac, Pfizer or single dose of Janssen). The amount equals 26.76%* of a total of 9.1 million people residing in the state. Regarding the first dose (D1), more than five million people received the vaccine, accounting for 57.83% of the population of the State. The information is from the Vacinometer platform, of the Health Department of Ceará (Sesa), consolidated at 5 pm, this Tuesday, 31.

Estimates of the population amount are from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). The platform also shows that, in the last 24 hours, more than 35 thousand people received D1, 21 thousand D2 and none received a single dose. Ceará applied more than seven million doses of vaccine against the disease in seven months of the vaccination campaign against the disease, which started on January 18th.

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+ 1st person dies with Delta variant of coronavirus in Ceará; he didn’t get vaccinated

In the survey of immunization agents who arrived in Ceará, through the National Immunization Plan (PNI), coordinated by the Ministry of Health, more than nine million vaccines were delivered to the state and were distributed to 184 municipalities. The population has been receiving doses of CoronaVac/Butantan Institute, AstraZeneca/Oxford, Pfizer/BioNTech and Janssen/Johnson&Johnson vaccines — the latter uses only one application dose for immunization against the virus.

More than 357,000 doses of CoronaVac arrived in Ceará this Wednesday morning, 1st. The immunizing agents will be used to apply the first and second doses (D1 and D2). The announcement of the arrival of the vaccines was made by the governor of Ceará, Camilo Santana (PT), through social networks. The manager also said that two more batches should arrive in the state today: a batch from AstraZeneca, with 27,000 doses, and another shipment with 56,160 doses from Pfizer. Both shipments will be used for D2 application.

Check the vaccination numbers in Ceará

Total doses applied: 7,772,318
Total D1 applied: 5,313,779
Total D2 applied: 2,302,596
Total of single doses applied: 155,943

Vaccination campaign

In the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 in the state, all municipalities in Ceará have already started to vaccinate the general population. The new stage of the campaign takes place in descending order of age, starting at 59 years of age. To receive the vaccine, people must be properly registered on the Digital Health platform, from Sesa.

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A total of 39 municipalities in Ceará began vaccinating adolescents aged 12 to 17 years. Fortaleza began last Thursday, 26. This Wednesday, 12-year-olds were awarded the first dose of the vaccine against Covid-19. The campaign continues throughout the week in descending order of age. To date, 831,769 residents of Fortaleza have completed the vaccination schedule against the disease.

See the numbers of vaccinated by priority group in the State**

– Health Professionals (phase 1)

Dose 1 (D1): 258,887 (102%)
Dose 2 (D2): 238,527 (87%)
Single Dose (DU): 122

– Institutionalized elderly (phase 1)

Dose 1 (D1): 2,198 (108%)
Dose 2 (D2): 2,169 (107%)
Single dose: 0

– Indigenous people (phase 1)

Dose 1 (D1): 19,553 (95%)
Dose 2 (D2): 19,254 (94%)

– Elderly > 75 years (phase 1)

Dose 1 (D1): 375,148 (108.78%)
Dose 2 (D2): 360,588 (104.33%)
Single dose: 140

– Institutionalized disabled (phase 1)

Dose 1 (D1): 550 (148.28%)
Dose 2 (D2): 550 (138%)
Single dose: 0

– Elderly between 70 and 74 years old (phase 2)

Dose 1 (D1): 239,928 (108.05%)
Dose 2 (D2): 245,731 (99.17%)
Single Dose (DU): 136

– Seniors between 65 and 69 years old (phase 2)

Dose 1 (D1): 272,340 (98.36%)
Dose 2 (D2): 267,948 (93.76%)
Single Dose (DU): 252

– Elderly between 60 and 64 years old (phase 2)

Dose 1 (D1): 339,487 (99%)
Dose 2 (D2): 312,116 (79%)
Single dose: 651

– Quilombola peoples and communities (phase 2)

Dose 1 (D1): 14,949 (101%)
Dose 2 (D2): 13,827 (86%)
Single Dose: 79

– Security Force, Rescue and Armed Forces Workers (phase 2)

Dose 1 (D1): 32,721 (111%)
Dose 2 (D2): 23,894 (61%)
Single Dose: 104

– Pregnant women, postpartum women and comorbidities (phase 3)

Dose 1 (D1): 59,185 (93%)
Dose 2 (D2): 35,224 (51%)

– PCD and Comorbidities (Phase 3)

Dose 1 (D1): 423,257 (82%)
Dose 2 (D2): 304,090 (43%)
Single Dose: 2,169

– Education Workers (Phase 4)

Dose 1 (D1): 175,313 (99%)
Dose 2 (D2): 131,850 (17%)
Single dose: 460

– Port Workers (Phase 4)

Dose 1 (D1): 2,978 (133%)
Dose 2 (D2): 622
Single dose: 2

– Air Transport Workers (Phase 4)

Dose 1 (D1): 1,641 (96%)
Dose 2 (D2): 1,650 (79.13%)
Single dose: 2

*Sesa highlighted that the data oscillates negatively in relation to previous days as a result of adjustments in the spreadsheets sent by the municipalities.

**The percentages of vaccination of the population of Ceará are defined based on targets established by the State Health Department of Ceará (Sesa) for each priority public. Application rates correspond to the doses that have already been distributed. By sending batches of vaccines by the Ministry of Health (MS), the doses of immunizing agents are distributed to municipalities proportional to population estimates for each priority group (target).259,285

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