Cano loses penalty, and Vasco seeks a draw with Brasil-RS in São Januário – 03/09/2021

The duel between Vasco and Brasil de Pelotas, tonight (3), for the B Series of the Brazilian Championship, did not leave any side satisfied. In a game in which forward Germán Cano lost a penalty, the teams were tied 1-1 in São Januário. The result was built with goals from Erison and Daniel Amorim, who equalized for the home team in stoppage time.

With the result, Cruz-Maltino lost another chance to touch the G4 and sees the pressure increase with each round. Xavante, on the penultimate place, remains in the fight to try to avoid relegation.

Vasco returns to the field on Monday, against Avaí, in Ressacada, while the team from Rio Grande do Sul will receive the lantern Confiança, at home, on Tuesday.

Vasco has the ball, but ineffectively

At home, Lisca’s team started the match with more possession and presence in the attacking field, but even so, showing difficulty in creating clear opportunities for goal. The first thing that made the crowd cheer up was on minute 20, when Gabriel Pec, after a table with Marquinhos Gabriel, forced goalkeeper Gabriel to make a great save. Soon after, it was Marquinhos Gabriel’s turn to scare.

It was enjoying

Even with some difficulties, Brasil de Pelotas was “enjoying” the match and took some concern to the defensive cross-Maltino sector.

Penalty! Or not

At a time when Vasco was pressing, Leo Matos received the ball in the area and was knocked down. The referee awarded a penalty, but when called to the VAR, he changed the decision and only gave the ball high. “If he doesn’t touch the ball, in my view, it’s a foul. If it were outside the area, he would score. For me, it was a penalty. The VAR against us in São Januário is impressive, when you have to call, you don’t call. Now, reversing another move of great importance for us. Let’s see how long it will be like this”, complained the Vasco side on the way out to the break.

barrel misses penalty

Cano, from Vasco, regrets the lost penalty against Brasil de Pelotas, in São Januário, for the B Series of the Brazilian Championship - Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF - Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF
Image: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF

On his way back from halftime, Lisca put Morato in Pec’s spot. And it was precisely the shirt 10 that, still at the beginning of the second stage, received speed, invaded the area and suffered a penalty. Cano hit, and Matheus Nogueira made the save.

Who doesn’t…

After Cano wasted the penalty, Vasco still tried to go ahead and open the scoring, but who shook the net was Brasil de Pelotas. In a move in which goalkeeper Vanderlei made a mistake when he left with his feet, Netto advanced and submitted. The goalkeeper from Vasco did it and Erison took advantage.

Erison and Netto, from Brasil de Pelotas, celebrate goal over Vasco, in São Januário, for the B Series of the Brazilian Championship - Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF - Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF
Image: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF

closed everything

After opening the scoreboard, coach Cléber Gaúcho made changes to Brasil de Pelotas and increased the score. Vasco, on the other hand, started to despair of everything or nothing.


Vasco arrived to balance the net when the game entered the final stretch, with Daniel Amorim, but the referee marked an offside, confirmed by the VAR after a few minutes for the check.

now thanks

Daniel Amorim (left), from Vasco, celebrates goal against Brasil de Pelotas, in São Januário, for the Brazilian Series B - Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF - Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF
Image: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF

Minutes later, Daniel Amorim rose higher than the defense and tied the game. Colina’s team still went up in search of a comeback, and Daniel Amorim forced the Brazilian goalkeeper to make a good defense, but the clash was tied.

Vasco debuts sponsorship

Vasco earlier announced Forte Aliança as a new sponsor. The company’s brand, which will be stamped on the uniform’s shoulder blade, could already be seen in today’s duel.


Competition: Series B of the Brazilian Championship
Local: São Januário – Rio de Janeiro – RJ
Day: September 3, 2021, Friday
Schedule: 7 pm (Brasilia time)
Referee: Alisson Sidnei Furtado (TO)
assistants: Fábio Pereira (TO) and Cipriano da Silva Sousa (TO)
VAR: Gilberto Rodrigues Castro Junior (PE)
yellow cards: Lisca (technical), Andrey (VAS); Ícaro, Matheus Nogueira, Héverton, Alan Dias, João Siqueira (BRA)
Red card: –
goals: Erison, from Brasil de Pelotas, at 19’/2ºT; Daniel Amorim, from Vasco, at 44’/2ºT

Vasco: Vanderlei, Léo Matos, Miranda, Leandro Castan and Zeca; Andrey, Caio Lopes (Galarza) and Marquinhos Gabriel (Figueiredo); Léo Jabá, Gabriel Pec (Morato) and Cano (Daniel Amorim). Technician: Stripe

Brazil of Pelotas: Matheus Nogueira, Vidal, Ícaro, Arthur and João Siqueira; Diego Gomes (Alan Dias), Rômulo (Gabriel Terra), Bruno Matias and Kevin (Héverton); Erison (Caio Rangel) and Netto (Rone). Technician: Cléber Gaucho