CBLOL 2021: In the Final, Kiari asks for fans if Rensga goes to the Worlds

This Saturday (4), the Grand Final of the 2nd split of CBLOL 2021 will be held, in Rio de Janeiro, between Rensga and RED Canids Kalunga. The two teams arrive after being considered “underdogs” in their semi-final series, against paiN and Vorax, respectively.

Kiari Rensga Final CBLOL 2021
Kiari says the teams don’t deserve hate for not being “what the public expected” (Photo: Riot Games)

The top team from Goiás, Kiari, spoke about the “unexpected decision” between the two teams, but asked by the fans if his team wins the title and will represent Brazil at the 2021 World Cup.

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I wouldn’t imagine, if at the beginning they said that the Final would be between RED and Rensga, without a doubt it’s surprising, there’s no denying it… But people have to respect us, we were underdogs and they should root for us representing Brazil abroad. Getting hate for it, for not being what people expect, because we’re not going to play a good role at the Worlds… It’s surprising, but we deserve to be here. Both teams.

RED comes ready for CBLOL’s decision, says Kiari

About tomorrow’s opponent, RED Canids, Kiari preaches caution and sees the Pack strong for the decision. “They are very packed, almost like us coming in as underdogs, and I think they are very aggressive, very good mechanically, besides they are very disciplined.”

“I watched their semifinal against Vorax, I was even very excited because they said that Vorax was RED’s ‘nemesis’ and they managed to prove that it doesn’t exist anymore, they showed a very solid game.”

Rensga reaches the final of CBLOL’s 2nd split after taking a 10th and final position in the first stage of this year, a true revolution in the team’s performance. For this, several changes had to take place, such as the departures of Froststrike, HAUZ and Zirigui and the arrivals of Croc, Yuri and Damage.

Rensga uniform with the BitPreço brand
Rensga came reformulated for the 2nd split of CBLOL 2021 (Photo: Disclosure/Rensga)

Being the only one, along with Trigo, to remain on the team since the bad campaign at the beginning of the year, Kiari defines the journey as “rewarding”. “It’s the result of the effort I’ve always put in, as a player, I’ve always wanted to work hard to get where I am and I still want a lot more. I’m grateful that things are falling into place on what I’ve always wanted.”

The Grand Final of the 2nd split of CBLOL 2021 takes place this Saturday (4), from 1 pm, Brasília time. The winner becomes champion of the stage and will represent Brazil at the World Cup in Europe.

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