Celsinho is heard by the Public Prosecutor’s Office on cases of racism and does BO per episode in Brusque | london

Midfielder Celsinho was heard by the Public Ministry of Paraná (MP-PR), in Londrina, this Friday, about the three cases of racism that he was a victim recently. The player also registered a police report about the episode of the Brusque x Londrina match.

Last Saturday, he reported being the target of offenses by a staff member of the Santa Catarina team. Before, Celsinho had already been the target of racist speeches in games against Goiás and against Remo, both in July, with offenses made by radio professionals during the broadcasts of the matches.

According to the prosecutor Susana de Lacerda, MP-PR, Celsinho was heard to contextualize the dimension that the cases took and pass it on to the prosecutors of each state involved – in this case, Goiás, Pará and Santa Catarina. Along with Celsinho, two witnesses were heard in the case that took place in Brusque, two athletes from Londrina who were on the bench.

– As the facts did not happen in Londrina, the attribution is not from here. The objective of the Public Ministry is, given the gravity and reiteration in sequence, is to gather evidence, listen to it, hear witnesses and forward something more robust to the states. Testimonies were recorded so prosecutors have more elements to take action, in addition to videos and materials of public knowledge – said the prosecutor.

Susana de Lacerta also details that the progress of the processes will be made by the prosecutor of each state, defining the accused. However, the prosecutor emphasizes that the crime of racial injury is clear in the registered cases.

– At the very least, the racial insult is wide open. But there is a fact that goes beyond the insult and reaches the case of racism, because it affects the entire black population. This will be evaluated by the prosecutors – said Susana de Lacerda.

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Lawyer of Londrina, Mayara Suzuki explained that the club has placed the legal department at Celsinho’s disposal since the first case, in the game against Goiás. She highlighted that all measures in the criminal sphere are being taken, and that the athlete must also file for a civil action seeking compensation for damages caused.

– He doesn’t care about the patrimonial indemnity. But the pedagogical and punitive character of the offenders, so that they are really discouraged from performing new acts of racism. So that there is no longer this racist act, which is repugnant, we will take all reasonable steps so that the offenders are punished – said the lawyer Mayara Suzuki.

In an interview with Ubuntu Podcast, from ge, Celsinho reinforced that he expects punishment against those involved (listen to the full chat in the player below).

– Our thought is for the punishments to actually happen and we can, in the work of little ant, take these people out of our environment. They are only there in the middle because there are no punishments. These people have to be punished. They feel comfortable for not having this punishment, and even a severe punishment – said Celsinho.

In the summary of the game Londrina x Brusque, the referee reported that the Londrina player “informed the fourth referee that he was offended with the following words: ‘you are going to cut that hair, your bee curl'”. Also according to the summary, the person was identified as a member of Brusque’s staff.

The Attorney of the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD) is analyzing how the complaint will be made about the case of racism reported by midfielder Celsinho. The summary and videos will be evaluated to define who and in which articles the complaint will be made.

Londrina released a video on social networks in which it is possible to hear a “monkey” cry. Tubarão’s post was a response to the club from Santa Catarina, which, at first, said that midfielder Celsinho was being “opportunist” when denouncing racism and later apologized. After the episode, Brusque lost a sponsor and has others under review.

Previously, in a game against Goiás, on July 17, a narrator and a commentator from Rádio Bandeirantes Goiânia used terms such as “heavy hair”, “bean flag” and “a filthy business” to comment on the athlete’s hair. The duo apologized on social media and was removed from the network.

Less than a week later, against Remo, narrator Cláudio Guimarães, from Rádio Clube do Pará, said that Celsinho is going “with his hair like a termite nest to hit the ball”. Guimarães was removed by the network at the end of the night and also apologized for the comment made.