Christiane Torloni pays tribute to Sérgio Mamberti: ”Prince of art”

Actress Christiane Torloni posted some photos with Sérgio Mamberti and paid tribute to the actor who died this Friday, 3

Christiane Torloni (64) used social media this Friday afternoon, 3, to mourn the death of a great friend.

On social networks, the actress shared some photos with the actor Sergio Mamberti, who died this morning at the age of 82, and paid a beautiful tribute to his professional colleague.

“Sergio beloved, for all the looks, for all the advice, for all the hugs, for all the premieres, all my love, all my affection, my longing! May you rest in peace, my prince of art! With love , Chris”, wrote the artist in the caption of the publication.

– Famous people mourn the death of actor and director Sérgio Mamberti at 82 years old

Sergio was hospitalized this week with a lung infection and needed to be intubated. To the G1 portal, the actor’s son, Carlos Mamberti (54), informed that the father died as a result of multiple organ failure.

It is worth remembering that the veteran marked the childhood of many children with his most beloved and unforgettable character, Doctor Victor, from the program Castle Ra-Tim-Bum, broadcast on TV Cultura between 1994 and 1997. After the death was confirmed, the actors who starred with Sérgio in the children’s program manifested themselves with moving tributes.

Check out Christiane Torlone’s tribute to Sérgio Mamberti:

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