Chrystian Detonates Tata’s Joke: ‘Slutty’

After ten years away from television, Chrystian, from the duo with Ralf, will give an interview to RecordTV’s “Sunday Spectacular” to talk about important moments in his career and tell that he was hurt by the presenter Tatá Werneck for having made a joke about him and your partner ‘still being alive’.

In the interview, which will air this Sunday (5), the singer recalled the controversy of the presenter of “Lady Night”, from Multishow, in 2019, and classified the joke as a ‘slutty’.

Tatá (Werneck) spoke on her program, interviewing Michel Teló, who is a super friend of mine: ‘Are Chrystian and Ralf still alive?’ So she did a bitch.

One of the most successful singers in Brazil, Chrystian will still remember the difficult past he lived with his family and talk about the beginning of his singing career in English.

I was very hungry. I tell my kids that I’ve gone two, three days without eating anything.

The singer will also comment on the new project which, exceptionally, will be solo. He will re-record old hits with representatives of the new generation of country people – with names like Gustavo Lima, Zé Neto & Cristiano, Luan Santana.

“Domingo Espetacular” airs every Sunday, starting at 7:45 pm (Brasilia time), on RecordTV.


In 2019, during an interview with Michel Teló for “Lady Night”, which was also shown on TV Globo, comedian Tata Werneck joked by asking if the duo Chrystian and Ralf “was still alive”.

At the time, the sertanejos didn’t like the joke and posted a video on social networks rebutting Tata’s comment. “A warning to Tatá Werneck: we’re still alive. You’re misinformed,” Chrystian detonated.

Faced with the great negative repercussion, the presenter posted a letter with an apology to the sertaneja duo claiming that she ‘never had the intention of disrespecting anyone’.

Friends, I would like to clarify that I spoke with the person responsible for the pair and we spoke on the phone in a friendly and respectful way. It’s all right between us. They understood that my motivation was not to harm them and that I have a lot of respect for the pair. And I play this same game with several people. And I apologize because my intention is never to disrespect anyone. The result is that we were able to open a dialogue that will continue. There are no grievances. And everything was fine. Thank you all. Stay with God.