Cid Moreira suffers from the death of his brother and emotional with outbursts

Cid Moreira and his brother, Célio Moreira, during a meeting (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)
Cid Moreira and his brother, Célio Moreira, during a meeting (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

only brother of Cid Moreira, Celio Moreira died this Thursday (02), at 89 years old. He, who has also worked at Globo, died of cancer. On the social networks, the former presenter of Jornal Nacional vented about the loss.

Célio died in Petrópolis, a city located in the mountainous region of the state of Rio de Janeiro. He was undergoing treatment against bowel cancer and did not survive the postoperative period.

Just like Cid, Célio Moreira was also an employee of Globo. But unlike his brother, he didn’t appear on camera. He was responsible for the voice of the Fantastic Zebrinha, a character who informed about the result of the sports lottery.

On your Instagram profile, Cid Moreira vented about losing his brother.

I lost a part of me. My brother was my best friend, partner in good times. Celio fulfilled his role here on Earth. It was a great human being. Talented professional, he excelled in important communication channels”, wrote the journalist’s profile on the social network.

“Go with God, my brother, one day we will meet again. My feelings to my sister-in-law, Lourdinha Moreira”, ended the message.

Cid Moreira talks about controversy

At the end of August, Cid Moreira went public to comment on the controversy that has been messing with your life lately. at the time, he disapproved of the children’s attitude.

Roger and Rodrigo Moreira went to court against his wife, Fátima Sampaio. They made serious accusations against the stepmother, such as mistreatment and imprisonment. In addition, the heirs called for the interdiction of the veteran in action.

“It’s a shame we can’t talk to you much, but it was a request from the lawyers! They have their strategy. God willing soon it will be proven that this is absurd, said Fátima in an interview between the couple and Caras.

Cid Moreira’s wife spoke about the journalist’s work routine, who is still active at 93 years of age. “He’s working normal, recording his stuff! Imagine if someone is going to hire a senile or a variety of people”, declared.

The former presenter of Jornal Nacional commented on the years he worked at Globo. He revealed that still hired by the Rio station even being out of breath.

It’s ridiculous, I started working at the age of 8 years. At Globo I have been 52 years old. I keep working, recording!”, he stated.

Fátima Sampaio said she believes she was involved in the lawsuit after one of Cid’s sons was defeated in court in a lawsuit against his father.

“I’m about the same age as their kids and I have nothing to do with the choices before me and they’re sacrificing me! They started talking about the Cid, one of them has a lawsuit against him. Then they saw that it didn’t work out they wanted and they turned against me”, she said.

Cid Moreira reaffirmed that he has a great relationship with his wife. She also stated that she does not admit that this is questioned. “We’ve been well and married for 21 years, I don’t accept negative interference”, fired the journalist.

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