CNN Brasil ends contract with journalist Evaristo Costa – Prisma

Journalist and presenter Evaristo Costa is leaving CNN Brasil. Hired as one of the stars of the news channel, he was unable to establish himself after a change in the station’s command.

“The contract with the presenter Evaristo Costa will be terminated”, informs CNN in a statement released to the press this Friday afternoon.

See the full communiqué, which also announces the new Phelipe Siani program:
“CNN Brasil has set the date and time for the airing of the ‘CNN Business’ program, presented by Phelipe Siani and Fernando Nakagawa. The electronic magazine about business and innovation will be aired every Thursday at 10:30 pm on the news channel and on its digital platforms. The premiere is scheduled for September 16th.

By strategic and programming decision, ‘CNN Original Series’ ends its season. In this trajectory, the program aired 99 unpublished documentaries and won the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Award for Humanitarian Coverage, with the episode ‘Isolated Peoples’, shown in June 2020.

Due to these changes, the contract with the presenter Evaristo Costa will be terminated. Until now, the journalist has contributed with his talent, professionalism and charisma to building the success of CNN Brasil. The company is grateful for the partnership, recognizes in the presenter one of the greatest talents in activity today on Brazilian TV and leaves the doors open for future opportunities”.

Before CNN and the program “Séries Originales”, Evaristo worked for almost 20 years at TV Globo.

In a social network, Evaristo Costa did not hide his displeasure with the new command of CNN Brasil. It was taken completely by surprise.

See the journalist’s post:

“The father is ON. Since September 1st I found out that I am no longer part of CNN. Yes, I used to work at CNN, but when I came back from vacation, watching the network’s new programming call, I noticed my program was missing. I called to find out the reason and was informed that he had been removed from the grid and that the company was no longer interested in my services. It’s the game!!! “Thy will be done.” When I recover from what happened, I’ll give you more details. Free on the track”.