Companies linked to ex-wife of Bolsonaro may have been used to hide crack money in Carlos’ office, says MP | Rio de Janeiro

The Rio courts broke the banking and tax secrecy of seven companies related to Ana Cristina Siqueira Valle, former wife of President Jair Bolsonaro, as well as her personal accounts.

O Prosecutors suspect that companies have been used to hide money from supposed cracking practice in the councilman’s office Carlos Bolsonaro (Republicans-RJ).

Ana Cristina was Carlos Bolsonaro’s chief of staff between 2001 and 2008.

Companies related to it, according to the Financial Activities Control Council (Coaf), carried out financial transactions considered atypical, which reinforces “the hypothesis that [essas empresas] may have been used to conceal the diversion of public resources arising from the crack scheme in the City Council”.

Ana Cristina Siqueira, former wife of President Jair Bolsonaro — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

  • Carlos Bolsonaro has fiscal and banking secrecy broken by the Court in an investigation of ‘ghost’ employees in the Rio Chamber
  • Carlos Bolsonaro’s office paid R$7 million to officials suspected of being ‘ghosts’

Ana Cristina Siqueira Valle is the mother of Jair Renan, the “04” son of President Jair Bolsonaro.

As GloboNews reported exclusively last Tuesday (31), the 1st Specialized Criminal Court for Combating Organized Crime determined the breach of confidentiality of 27 people, including councilor Carlos Bolsonaro. The decision is for the 24th of May.

Ana Cristina was Carlos Bolsonaro’s cabinet chief between 2001 (when he took his first term in the City Council) until 2008, when she split from then-federal deputy Jair Bolsonaro.

In relation to the company Valle Ana Consultoria e Serviços de Seguros Ltda., in which Ana Cristina had a 90% stake, the MP states that more than half of the bank account debits consisted of cash withdrawals, which totaled more than R$ 1.1 million between 2007 and 2015.

About the company Totalvox Comunicações, Coaf pointed out movements “incompatible with the declared financial capacity” and also several “payments and transfers involving individuals, without apparent cause, making it difficult to identify the origin and destination of part of the resources”.

Over 20 years as councilor, Carlos Bolsonaro had dozens of advisers. The Public Ministry suspects that some of them were “ghosts” to divert salaries.

Prosecutors cite similarity of modus operandi of the “rachadinha” that would also take place in the office of the then state deputy of RJ Flávio Bolsonaro, the older brother.

The practice is with cash withdrawals from the accounts of “ghost” advisors that are turned over to a trusted official.

Cash is then used to pay expenses or purchase goods for the parliamentarian.

The Public Ministry identified that Carlos Bolsonaro used large amounts of cash on at least three occasions:

  • R$ 150,000 for the purchase of an apartment in Tijuca, in 2003
  • R$ 15.5 thousand to cover losses on the Stock Exchange in 2009
  • R$ 20,000 stored at home, according to a statement given to the TSE last year

Bolsonaro's ex-wife and son Jair Renan move into the mansion;  see images

Bolsonaro’s ex-wife and son Jair Renan move into the mansion; see images

Ana Cristina Siqueira Valle is identified as a member of one of the six nuclei of the alleged scheme. Since June, Ana Cristina and Jair Renan have lived in a mansion valued at BRL 3.2 million in Lago Sul, a prime area of ​​Brasília (see the video above).

The rent for houses next to the one of the ex-wife of the President of the Republic and Jair Renan is around R$ 15 thousand per month. Ana Cristina would pay R$ 8 thousand, more than the salary of R$ 6,200 she receives as an advisor to federal deputy Celina Leão, from Progressistas.

Ana Cristina was also the target of communications from Coaf. The document reveals that, during the period she was in charge of Carlos Bolsonaro’s office, she received “a deposit of large amounts of cash in her bank account”.

In 2011, it received deposits of R$191 thousand and R$341,000. On account, she had R$ 602 thousand. According to Coaf, the value is incompatible with your income.

The lawyer Magnum Cardoso, who defends Ana Cristina, informed that he will only manifest in the case records, since the same proceeds in secrecy of justice.

The lawyer Antonio Carlos Fonseca, in a note, clarified that he had the request to have access to them on the night of this Wednesday (2nd), and that the information will be analyzed and any clarifications will be presented in due course.