Contra Venenosa, Globo reduces Jornal Hoje and starts repeating two soap operas in the afternoon · TV News

Globo is preparing to change the afternoon program once again. Next year, the network will have a second track of soap operas reruns in the afternoons: from 3:45 pm. With this, Jornal Hoje will have its duration reduced, as it was before the Covid-19 pandemic, and the Session of the Afternoon will fight for leadership against A Hora da Venenosa, part of Record’s General Balance Sheet, which became a “rock in the shoe” of the leader of audience on open TV.

Seven years ago, Globo lost audience to the gossip of Fabíola Reipert in the competition. However, the new strategy is now focused on audience transition. That’s why, after the movies, the network will put on light soap operas, comedies, that are popular with young people. Period and romantic plots, such as Soul Gêmea (2006), are strong candidates even if they have already been reruns in the past.

The adjustments were proposed by the programming department and all planning is being developed internally. Even the commercial area has already been called upon to work on sales of this grid, which will go live in 2022.

Jornal Hoje, which is practically an hour and a half long, will return to the old molds with approximately 40 minutes. The new soap opera track doesn’t change Vale a Pena Ver de Novo either. The rerun session will continue on the schedule with strong soap operas, which marked an epoch, as is the case with O Clone (2001), which is the next to enter the timetable.

Unprecedented fitness

The afternoon “package” includes a new season of Malhação made by black brothers who grew up in a needy community in Rio de Janeiro. The station even shelved the story that would be produced in 2020, Transformação, written by Márcia Prates and Priscila Steinman.

Eu Só Quero É Ser Feliz is the provisional title of the new season of Malhação commissioned to newcomers Marcos Carvalho and Eduardo Carvalho. Filmmakers, they have award-winning short films in their résumés. The story of the serial was delivered to Globo’s television drama directorate, which is evaluating the project to give the go-ahead for the two screenwriters to advance in the content.

the competition

All this “equation” of Globo makes the leader follow in the footsteps of its competitors, Record and SBT, who bet on reruns of soap operas to hold the audience.

However, if the programming of SBT and Record remain as they are, the new plots will fight with Gosfocalizador and Casos de Família on Silvio Santos’ station. At Record, the battle will be against another serial. At the moment, Edir Macedo’s station is showing Prova de Amor, a plot by Tiago Santiago.

Record has also already aired two consecutive reruns of soap operas in its afternoon schedule. Currently, SBT has two Mexican soap operas in the afternoon: Coração Indomável, at 5:30 pm, and Amor Verdadeiros, at 6:30 pm.

The rerun of the moment at Vale a Pena Ver de Novo is Ti Ti Ti (2011), followed by a rerun of Malhação Sonhos. However, both have shown low ratings, which harms the 6 pm soap opera, Nos Tempos do Imperador.

Sought, Globo does not make the change official yet. “The 2022 grid is still under construction, there are several ideas and projects in development and not all of them will be confirmed for next year’s grid”, says the note from the broadcaster’s Communication.


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