Corinthians takes a stand on the possibility of Danilo Avelar returning to defend the club

On March 23, Corinthians decided that Danilo Avelar would no longer defend the club, despite the contractual relationship with expiration scheduled for December 2022.

The posture of the board of alvinegra was motivated by an act of racial insult committed by the player in a chat room of gamers of the Counter-Strike game. Avelar referred to someone else as the “son of a black girl.”

This Friday, two hashtags about the case entered us Trading Topcis (most commented topics) of the Twitter: #ForaAvelar and #VoltaAvelar. Fans spoke about the possibility of the athlete’s situation being reconsidered internally.

THE Sports Gazette, then, sought Corinthians. Through its press office, the club informed that there was no change in posture. Everything follows as defined at the time.

Therefore, Timão will continue giving Danilo Avelar the condition to complete his physical recovery. But, without opening any possibility for the full-back / defender to be reinstated to the squad.

Two weeks ago, President Duilio Monteiro Alves commented on the case during an exclusive interview with Gazette TV. Remember:

“Today, it remains the same. It is good that we make it clear, as we stated at the time, there was no termination yet. We cannot do it, because he is in recovery. We made it clear, at that moment, that he would follow his recovery and that we would find a better way to solve this problem. So, this has stopped, we depend on the end of his recovery so that we can feel and resolve the best way to make this termination. But, today, the situation is this and he continues, and we have an obligation to get him back. He’s an athlete at the club, he got injured at the club and we have to leave him in full condition, and then talk about his departure.”

Danilo Avelar is in the final stages of recovery from a serious injury. In October of last year, he tore the cruciate ligament in his right knee during a match against Santos.

The legislation protects athletes in these cases and obliges clubs to maintain contractual ties until the professional is able to return to play.

Corinthians also cannot dismiss Avelar for just cause, as was once discussed on social networks. The club could only rely on the Law if the player was convicted by the Criminal Court in order to lose his own freedom.

Therefore, if Corinthians decides, unilaterally, to break the contract to disassociate itself from the athlete, it will consequently have to pay a fine, which is approximately R$7 million.

In addition to this problem, Corinthians didn’t even finish paying for the athlete. In 2019, the Alvinegra board agreed to purchase 100% of Avelar’s economic rights from Torino-ITA after he defended the team on loan.

The acquisition was agreed in two equal installments of 750,000 euros. The first was paid in March, eight months late, after the Italians sought out FIFA. At the time, the amount was equivalent to R$ 5 million.

The last installment is still pending. At first, it was due in June, but it was postponed. The new salary was not revealed, but it was explained to the report that Corinthians intends to make the payment by the deadline, so as not to have the expense now.

Since becoming involved in all this controversy, Danilo Avelar has already visited CUFA (Central Única das Favelas), Favela do Areião, Guaianases, and also met a Taça das Favelas team. He proposed to talk to residents and community leaders.

The player decided not to grant an interview to the press, but some records of these visits were posted on social networks.

Danilo Avelar decided to visit needy communities and talk to community leaders (Photo: Reproduction Instagram)

Danilo Avelar decided to visit needy communities and talk to community leaders (Photo: Reproduction Instagram)

Photo: Sports Gazette