Covid-19: August was the month with the lowest number of cases and deaths in Brazil

In August, Brazil registered the lowest number of deaths and monthly cases of Covid-19 of the year. Second survey of CNN, there were 24,043 deaths and 859,015 confirmed infections in the country. The rates were below months like July, with 38,304 deaths and 1,360,714 cases, and June, which totaled 55,275 victims and 2,011,587 infections.

Brazil registered this Wednesday (1st) the lowest moving average of deaths by Covid-19 of the year. For the third day in a row, the number that reveals confirmed deaths in the last seven days reached the lowest rate in 2021, standing at 644 on Wednesday. On Tuesday (31), the index was 667, on Monday (30), the number was 675.

In the last 24 hours, 737 deaths and 27,345 cases of the disease were registered in the country. Data are from the National Council of Health Secretaries (Conass). Brazil totals 581,150 deaths and 20,804,215 infections since the beginning of the pandemic, in March 2020.

third dose

The results of the study commissioned by the Ministry of Health to evaluate the application of a third dose in people immunized with Coronavac were forwarded last week to the University of Oxford. The British institution will carry out the analysis to measure the immune response six months after the second dose of Coronavac and the potential of each immunizing agent tested to increase protection against Covid-19 and variant strains. Read more.

Vaccination in São Paulo

The government of São Paulo announced this Wednesday (1st) the schedule for the application of the additional dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 in people over 60 years old, which will start throughout the state from Monday ( 6). Vaccination of people aged 60 and over will follow a staggered schedule, starting with people aged 90 and over between 6 and 12 September. Read more.

Vaccine passport becomes mandatory at SP events from this Wednesday

The vaccine passport will be mandatory in the city of São Paulo from this Wednesday (1st). In order to encourage immunization against Covid-19 among those who have not yet sought out the posts, the passport will serve as proof of vaccination for admission to events with more than 500 people in São Paulo, according to the city of São Paulo . Read more.

mental health x pandemic

Studies published in 2021 on suicide and coronaviruses surprised those who were betting that the first would go off due to the spread of the second. According to the polls, that wasn’t quite the case. Fear of contagion, confinement and uncertainty did not necessarily lead to a greater number of deaths attributed to you. Suicides, including in Brazil, remained at a stable level. In some countries, like Australia, they even fell. Read more.