Crespo uses a free week to test options, dose wear and tear and leave a light atmosphere in São Paulo | São Paulo

São Paulo’s rare free week for training helped Hernán Crespo work on several aspects that the tight schedule prevented him from improving with the team over the past few months.

One of the main factors in this break was the possibility of dosing and recovering the wear and tear of the most active athletes in the season. Earlier in the week, the club’s physiology, along with physical preparation, made balance and muscle strength assessments to understand case by case.

With a more accurate diagnosis of the players’ wear, Crespo’s technical committee performed specific exercises to be able to recover the physical part of most athletes. Different workloads were passed on to the group.

Crespo and his committee lead training in São Paulo — Photo: Rubens Chiri/

On the field, Crespo managed to test some new options for the season’s sequel. The main novelty in training was the presence of the new hired Gabriel. The defensive midfielder was announced on Monday and had his first practice on Wednesday.

With this, the coach took advantage of the training game against São Bernardo, last Friday, to test players who have played little action so far. In addition to Gabriel, Rodrigo Freitas, Talles Costa, Patryck, Galeano (author of the goal in the 1-1 draw) and Diego Costa were widely used in the match.

These activities, however, have not yet included the return of injured Welington, Marquinhos, Arboleda and William. All of them are in the medical department, with the expectation of a short return – the exception is William, who underwent surgery on his right knee and will have a longer recovery time.

Check out the press conference with steering wheel Gabriel do São Paulo

Check out the press conference with steering wheel Gabriel do São Paulo

Daniel Alves and Miranda, called up by the Brazilian team to compete in three games for the South American Qualifiers, also lacked training at the CT of Barra Funda. Jonathan Calleri, in turn, should start work on the ball next week.

With these absences, under-20 boys had the opportunity to participate in activities together with the professionals. Defenders Beraldo and Luizão, defensive midfielder Léo, left-back Patryck and goalkeeper Levy were the names called to join the squad.

This led under-20 coach Alex to follow two training sessions a week alongside Crespo and Muricy Ramalho. The club tries to bring the CT of Cotia closer to the CT of Barra Funda.

The delegation is off this weekend and returns to work on Monday. The next game of the tricolor team in the Brazilian Championship will be on September 12, against Fluminense, at Maracanã.

Alex talks with Crespo and Muricy in São Paulo — Photo: Alexandre Coutinho and Fellipe Lucena/saopaulofc

In addition to the day-to-day recovery work and technical and tactical adjustments, Crespo and his committee also promoted moments of relaxation at the training center during the free week.

After training on Wednesday, the players met with the coaching staff for a barbecue led by Argentine Martín Benítez.

In one of the sand fields of CT in Barra Funda, some athletes took advantage of their free time to relax and play footvolley.

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Benítez barbecues at CT in São Paulo — Photo: Reproduction