CS:GO: cogu and HEN1 reveal behind the scenes and 00Nation’s plan | cs:go

— We are very happy, it is impossible not to be. We had been negotiating for a while, and being able to defend Zero Zero is something we’ve been looking for for a long time. We’re very happy, happy, and we can focus on what matters to us, which is shooting, playing a lot of CS — said cogu.

According to the veteran, the team, which was left without organization after not renewing with MIBR at the beginning of the year, never thought that the project would not work.

— We always had a lot of confidence in our plan, in our project, and we stuck to it. At no time did we think that way, that it would not work, we were always together, with a very good mind – guaranteed.

— We’ve always had them together and we believe it would work, without a doubt — completed HEN1.

HEN1 and cogu, from 00Nation — Photo: Reproduction

In August, the ge published the well underway negotiation between O Plano and Nordavind, a Nordic organization that was absorbed by Zero Zero. HEN1 said the conversations started about five months ago.

— We’ve been negotiating since March, and thank God it worked out now. These negotiations were evolving, we had several moments, and in the end everything worked out – said the awper.

At bootcamp in Warsaw, Poland, a month ago, cogu gave more details on the near future of the team, which plans to stay on European soil, but does not yet know which country it will live in.

— Our focus will be on Europe, we’re already here, so we’ll focus on all the championships that come up for us. Of course, our focus is to participate in the big championships and fight the big teams. We will have to return to Mexico/United States for the RMR, but the focus will remain on Europe,” he said.

The work model is not 100% defined either, but cogu said that the team should work in a gaming office. In the short term, the team should continue in bootcamp at least until the PGL Stockholm Major, at the end of October.

The duo knows that the decision to stay in Europe implies a tough life in the quest to qualify for championships, but that is the challenge the team is seeking.

— We chose here precisely for that, to play more championships and be playing in all the championships we can, because it’s important for us to pick up the pace of the game. I think we have a good structure in Europe, we have good teams, so the evolution is faster. We are about to play all the championships we can, and evolving as quickly as possible — said HEN1.

— I think that if we want to win the main championships, we can’t just think about playing where it’s easier, going to play a championship in Brazil, where we’ll be taking a place from a Brazilian team, and arriving at the championship, if we’re not prepared, no we will pass from qualify. If we have, we’ll pass and have a chance to win – completed cogu.

HEN1 highlighted that the focus is on playing CS, regardless of continent.

— The focus is always to play CS at a high level, and there isn’t much choice of seat. This is where we are going to be the best, and if we want to be the best, we will have to beat the best teams. That’s basically it. If you have to play in the US, Europe or Brazil for any reason, we will play, but the focus is always to be at a high level and beat the top teams.

The period without a team, however, was full of questions surrounding the Plan. Despite receiving massive support, the team also suffered from some criticism about the decisions made – the failure to renew with MIBR by the original team was one of the main ones.

“It was definitely worth the wait.” Of course, we are very happy, very happy, and at no point did we have any doubts, but the problem is when you can’t focus on CS. We’re much calmer, more focused on what really matters to us, and I don’t keep reading too much comment,” Cogu said.

The coach guarantees that these criticisms have not shaken him.

— I focus a lot on my work, on what I’m doing. Regardless of criticism or praise, I always continue to do my job to the best of my ability. It’s something I didn’t see, and for me it wasn’t going to change anything, I just continued, I believed in the project from the beginning, above all I believe a lot in the boys on the team, and it was very easy for me to make the choices I made – he said.

FURIA’s HEN1 in ESL Pro League Season 10 — Photo: Carlton Beener/ESL

HEN1’s decision not to continue with FURIA to join the project and return to playing alongside brother Lucas “LUCAS1” was also the subject of comments.

— Particularly, I learned a lot in my personal and professional career with the people at FURIA, my old team. I have nothing to complain about, I’m always thankful, and the return with my brother gave me a lot. All of us who play CS have a point in our lives where we have to make choices, and getting back with my brother was the best I’ve had, the best I’ve ever done. I was missing him a lot, as I always said in other interviews, I need him a lot, he needs me a lot, this separation was difficult at first, but then everyone evolved, me, him, and being with him now is not being nothing short of very happy and fulfilling for me. I’m sure this return was the best choice I made in my life, I’m really happy, and I’m fighting for my goals together with my family, not only with my brother, but the boys here who embraced the idea – said the awper.

In the second bootcamp in Europe since the beginning of August, 00Nation achieved its first good results recently, winning the tryouts for the third edition of Funspark ULTI. According to cogu, the classification is already a result of the training period in the Old Continent.

— We are in a strong grip, we are in a very cool line of evolution, we have been training a lot, talking a lot, we are not just playing. Many times during the week, we have had more conversations than [jogado] maps, so I think we are at a nice pace, we know things well – said the coach.

— We have many teams doing bootcamp in Europe, many teams from Europe doing bootcamp, so we always have to think a step ahead, not only quantity, but mainly quality and cost, this bootcamp is being very cool, we go to the championships ready and prepared to give bullets to whoever comes – completed cogu.

HEN1 also believes that being in Europe and having a wide variety of training sessions, in addition to a heavy workload, are helping the team’s evolution.

— Playing with these teams in Europe, tier 2 or 3, is always very difficult too. This makes our evolution a little faster too, and our training is being arduous, we are training a lot, and the focus is always the same, to beat all teams, but we know that this path is difficult and, whether it’s victory or defeat, we are always focused on the process, which is the most important. I think our biggest goal is ahead. Whether we like it or not, we are a new team, with little time, and with that little time, we are already achieving significant results. Let’s go up, we know that our goal is bigger, and being here playing against tier 1, 2 or 3 will make our evolution faster — he spiked.

With so much work and evolution, can you expect news in the six-player rotation? cgu clue.

— What I can say is that I have six players ready to enter any map and, strategically speaking, this is a very powerful weapon for any game. [Treinamos o mesmo mapa] with several different backgrounds – said the coach.

Speaking of the six-player rotation, the pair reflected on the support of 00Nation and other teams for the Free Six campaign – which calls for Valve not to punish the use of more than one player during official events.

— From the beginning, from the first conversations, they [00Nation] they really embraced the idea. We closed individually, but we closed with the entire cast from the first moment. They support the movement, they’re with us, and that’s it,” explained cogu.

HEN1 stated that the use of more players is already in place for several championships, and it doesn’t make sense for Valve to be the only one to restrict it.

— The Free Six is ​​already a reality. Six, seven, eight players, we are seeing this a lot in all sports. Every game has an extra player, one or two reserves, and it’s nothing new, I think it needs to evolve. All CS championships are already allowed to play six or seven, and I don’t know why this major is not allowed. This hashtag we pulled from the Free Six is ​​exactly why, because it doesn’t make sense to have all the games accepting and only one championship not. It’s also difficult for us, because we hope to count on trk, who is out of the RMR now, and we hope to count on him, because in all championships we can, and training is with him too – he said.

O Plano, Brazilian CS:GO team — Photo: Reproduction

— And our secret weapon is having six players, and it was like that before, there were a lot of teams, NAVI, Vitality, a lot of teams. Then this Valve rule came out and most teams closed five, but we didn’t. We are a team of six very good, capable players, so let’s keep the project going, mess up, so that it becomes a reality. Imagine that you go to a championship and a player hurts his hand, or something happens, he misses a flight for whatever reason. I think it’s kind of logical to be able to have one more player, to have something for anything that happens to a player, you can put a reserve or the sixth player on the field – completed cogu.

Unable to use Alencar “trk”, the team is targeting the PGL Stockholm Major. 00Nation competes in the North American Regional Major Ranking (RMR) and is in fifth position – if the classification ended today, the team would be in the first phase of the World Cup.

Vice-champion of the PGL Kraków Major, HEN1 said that conversations about the major are recurrent.

— Well, the review here about the major is almost every day, we talk about what we played, about what we can still play, we try to pass this experience on to the kids and they also have this dream, it’s the dream of any to be in the major, you don’t have a championship to aim for if you’re not the major. The goal is always the same, to win, to win tournaments. Our focus will be the major, but the main thing is to win championships, we are playing and we want to win. If it doesn’t happen, our team… for me it will be the rest of my life, it will be another championship that we will have to overcome, and that’s it – he completed.

cogu, however, stressed that the World Cup is not the only goal of the team until the end of the year.

— In this first moment, we know the importance of the major, it is our focus on this first step, so we are training and playing a lot of championships, but we are not training only with the major’s lineup. We are thinking ahead too, already playing and training with all lineups.

The “marrento” style of the Plano players divides opinions in the Brazilian community. While the team is loved by most people, there are also those who accuse them of “too much media and not enough bullets”. cogu and HEN1, however, only see love.

— For me, everyone loves, there’s no one who hates us. I don’t even see these things, for me it’s normal not to please everyone, but I see that we are the people’s team, I’m not saying that we are the most loved, but only because of the trajectory we’ve taken, starting on the land, if to unite, to not let any org outwit us and to be together, I think that already shows a lot of us,” wrote cogu.

HEN1, leo_drk, trk, kNg, LUCAS1, vsm and cogu, the members of the Plan — Photo: Reproduction

— We’ve always been a bit of a mirror, we always started from the bottom, I mainly started at the bottom, I managed to do things by qualifying, and we managed to get to the top several times. Because of that, people look up to us a lot. I don’t know if the right word is resilience, or if it’s a mirror, but in our day-to-day we always receive many positive messages, many people who like my work, those who are with me, and I don’t see very much who likes or dislikes. I think it’s more when you win or lose the game, it’s more like that, but in general there isn’t much hater, I think it’s a lot, a lot more people who like us, due to our history,” concluded HEN1.