CS:GO: Headquartered in Europe, 00Nation aims to compete in major championships

“A very easy choice”. That’s how mushroom, lineup coach of the The plan, explains how the decision to close with the 00Nation. At a press conference, the team members talked about the new house and plans for the future.

“We had, for several moments, several meetings with other organizations, but 00Nation was the first one that we were more aligned in every way, both inside and outside the game. The ideas hit a lot. From the beginning we already had a favorite, it ended up being a very easy choice”, said cogu.

00Nation representative, Bruno Santos stated that this Friday (3) marks the launch of a new organization. Bruno stated that the organization also targets other sectors such as art, music and fashion, but with a focus on games.

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Bruno explained that Nordavind provides the financial contribution and this merger was essential for the organization to hire the cast of O Plano.

“I’ve been looking at boys for a long time, I’ve worked with some of them. Believing in this line-up was the best decision I’ve ever had within Esports. We ended up doing a negotiation behind Nordavind, it comes with a public contribution of shares. So, when we started to analyze the market, we formed this junction to bring The Plan and other new developments come forward”.

The debut of the Brazilians by 00Nation will be next Saturday (4) against Fnatic at 8:30 am by BLAST Nordic: Fall. Captain kNg said he is very happy to participate in the project and that the players are prepared for war and hopes that 00Nation will start with a positive result.

Image of O Plano ad at 00Nation
The Plan will act by 00Nation (Photo: Divulgação/00Nation)

Next, 00Nation will focus on the North American RMR tournament. The tournament will define the five teams that will compete for the major and, currently, the Brazilians are in the classification zone. Cogu talked about which cast will be used.

“It was a decision we made back there. We had a meeting and we decided not to play trk in the RMR. It was our decision and it’s not like we put him in reserve because that will never happen because we are a six player project, but for that moment we needed to pick a player and it was a very difficult decision indeed. I believe there will never be a right choice at these times because our project is six. We had a meeting, we talked, of course no one is happy knowing they won’t play a major, an RMR. I was very upset, but [o Free Six] it’s a fight we take on every day because we are a project with six players, we don’t have a reserve”.

For 2022, 00Nation’s plan is clear: To live in Europe and compete in the main championships. HEN1 explains that being in the Old Continent is important because the main tournaments are currently being held there, and competing in them is 00Nation’s priority.

BLAST Nordic began this Friday (3) with the games of group A. 00Nation is in group B and will fight for two spots in the playoffs with Lyngby Vikings, Fnatic and Copenhagen Flames.

“We have a monster training footprint, dedicating ourselves as much as we can and we hope soon to break the barrier, win the first championship to open the gate and come a lot together”, concluded cogu.

Lineup THE 00Nation PLAN
Cast of O PLAN that will defend 00Nation (Photo: Publicity/O PLAN)