Death in Part 1 of Season 5 confuses La Casa de Papel fans

spoiler alert

Tokyo dies in Part 1 of the fifth season of La Casa de Papel, which causes confusion among Netflix viewers. With the character dead, how can she be the narrator?

La Casa de Papel began with Tokyo narrating the story of the first robbery. The opening of the Spanish series is even focused on the character of Úrsula Corberó.

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The character continued to narrate the events of the Bank of Spain. The fans’ impression was that Tokyo was counting the assault of the future, which would make sense for her to stay alive.

With the death of Tokyo, the theory is that the narration of Part 2 of Season 5 could change. But, with that happening, fans question what was the reason the character was until now the narrator of La Casa de Papel.

Check out the reactions of fans of La Casa de Papel with this mystery that remains with the death of Tokyo.

The fifth season of La Casa de Papel on Netflix

The end of La Casa de Papel promises more than answers to mysteries. The series ends with a real war on Netflix.

“It has been more than 100 hours since the mission at the Bank of Spain began. The group of robbers managed to rescue Lisbon, but there is no reason to celebrate — quite the opposite: the moment is one of tension and mourning. The Professor has been captured by Sierra and, for the first time in his life, he doesn’t have an escape plan.

When it seemed that the situation could not get any worse, an enemy much more powerful than any ever faced appears: the army. The biggest robbery in history is coming to an end — and what started as a robbery is about to turn into war,” says last season’s synopsis.

Part 1 of the fifth season of La Casa de Papel is available. The final installment arrives Dec. 3 on Netflix.