Death toll rises to 63 in US storm Ida pass | National Newspaper

Joe Biden said he sent $100 million in aid to Louisiana and that anyone who was hit by Hurricane Ida will receive $500 straight into their bank account.

Five days after the devastation in the state, 800,000 homes and businesses are still without electricity. Residents line up to buy food, water and gasoline. One lady said, “I don’t want to cry anymore. I am tired.”

Biden repeated what he has been saying for days: the Ida is a warning that we need to prepare for the next hurricanes, because they will come more often and more ferocious. The Ida and the storms caused by it caused destruction in eight states.

In New York, the Queens district was one of the areas hardest hit by the storm’s flooding. Several people drowned in their homes, in underground dwellings, which are common throughout the city, but many are illegal. The water rose so quickly that there was no time to get out, and whoever managed to escape lost everything they had.

That’s what happened to Liane’s family. “What matters is that we are alive,” he says.

She was at home with a nine-year-old and a ten-month-old baby when the water started to come in. “It was very fast. A lot of people screamed for help. The water reached their necks,” he says.

In the kitchen, the water entered with such force that it opened the cabinets, threw everything on the floor, on top of the sink, everything was turned over and on the wall it is possible to see the water mark. The family only survived because they managed to escape to the first floor of the building.

“We bought everything with a lot of sacrifice and lost everything in a second,” he says. What’s left, she tries to recover by drying outside.

Kelly’s twins managed to save a few dolls. Almost everything in the playroom in the basement ended up in the trash.

“The TV, the sofa, the refrigerator, everything was floating. It was very scary. At least we are healthy. Across the street, a couple and a two-year-old child died. It was very sad,” says Kelly.