Delta variant is detected in the Bragantina Region and Circuito das Águas

Municipalities in the Bragantina Region officially confirmed that cases of COVID-19 of the Delta variant were detected in the municipalities. This occurred after genetic analysis of samples sent for PCR testing.

The municipalities are: Atibaia, Socorro, Serra Negra, Pedreira and Águas de Lindóia.


The Municipality of Atibaia released a note informing that municipalities in the region of Campinas were informed about the result of on Wednesday, by the State Government.

The research on 23 samples from Atibaia showed that 15 of them correspond to the Delta variant and 6 of them are the Gamma variant. In a statement, the Municipality of Atibaia informed that it is analyzing the cases and reinforces to the population the request that everyone maintain preventive measures against COVID-19, such as: wearing masks and social distancing.

According to the note from the Atibaia City Hall, the identified cases are scattered throughout the city, which indicates that the variant was already circulating in the city.

Until Thursday, Atibaia had applied 158,531 doses of vaccine against COVID-19, being 108,795 of the first dose, 46,210 of the second dose and 3,526 of a single dose.

Bragança Paulista

On the morning of Friday, 3rd, the Municipality of Bragança Paulista also released a note confirming that the delta variant circulates in the Bragantina Region and nearby cities, as well as its underlining. The variant has not yet been detected in the municipality, as reported by the Municipal Health Department.

Given this and the September 7 holiday, the Health Department reinforces so that everyone continues with the use of masks, sanitize their hands, use alcohol gel and maintain distance between people.

Lindoia Waters

Another city hall that confirmed the circulation of the Delta variant was Águas de Lindóia. In a statement released yesterday, the City Hall informed that one of the recently confirmed cases in the city had the PCR test sample sequenced by the Butantan Institute, for which the aforementioned variant was identified.

According to a preliminary investigation by the Health Surveillance of Águas de Lindóia, a 24-year-old girl had been contaminated by contact with another positive case, from Minas Gerais.

In a statement, the Municipality of Águas de Lindóia emphasizes that the Delta variant is more transmissible than the other strains of COVID-19 and that it is essential that health protocols continue to be followed.


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