Detainee passes for ‘look-alike’ and gives coup to be released from prison

A prisoner from Randolph County, Missouri, took a hit by confusing correctional officers and impersonating another inmate, much like her, who had just finished serving her sentence last weekend. As a result, 24-year-old Ellen Globe was mistakenly released and is being sought by local authorities.

According to Komu channel, Globe was serving time for drug possession, theft, driving without a license, and also for rebellion. Despite the extensive list of crimes, the young woman was not considered dangerous and it is believed that she devised the entire plan to confuse the correctional officers.

Both the name and the fate of the prisoner mistaken for Globe were not revealed. However, Sheriff Aaron Wilson revealed that they are the same height, body type, hair color and eye color.

In addition to the physical similarities, Globe would have relied on the inexperience of correctional officers, new to the place, and took advantage of a recent cell change to pass as the other woman.

The outlandish plan may have had the help of the other inmate, since Globe knew a lot of personal information about her. However, by signing the release in her name and escaping from jail, Globe committed more crimes and is likely to have her sentence increased if the authorities catch her again.

An internal investigation was launched by the prison to investigate the errors that led to Globe’s escape. “We have reworked all of our security measures and are working with my new prison administrator and staff to ensure this doesn’t happen again,” said Aaron Wilson.

The sheriff also called the breakout an “isolated incident” and said he had never seen anything like it in his 18-year career.