Diego Souza is packed with Grêmio and Sport is one of the 3 possibilities for 2022


The 36-year-old center forward is seriously thinking about hanging up his boots after the 2021 season, but clubs like Vasco and Sport are options to keep playing

Photo: Clélio Tomaz/AGIF (Photo: 1167, AGIF)


Photo: Clélio Tomaz/AGIF (Photo: 1167, AGIF)

Brazilian football has become used to seeing classic speculations in the early and mid-year windows. At the sport, for example, the name of Diego Souza has been on the people’s lips for some time to return to Ilha do Retiro. The 36-year-old center forward is completing his second season at Grêmio, but according to his colleague Cassio Coelho, of Gremista Portal, the athlete will not stay in Porto Alegre.

According to the results, there are even chances for Diego to hang his rackets after the 2021 season. Vasco and Sport, clubs he played with successfully before, are other possibilities for next season, but it is “a small possibility of continuing to play “, since the trend is retirement.

Today Diego earns around R$ 500 thousand a month at Grêmio. The direction came to look for him to expand the link, already during Gauchão 2021, but the athlete has already chosen to end his link in the Tricolor Gaucho in December.

Centroavante was successful for Sport from 2014 to 2017 (Photo: Clélio Tomaz/AGIF)

By the way, the center forward was little overshadowed in Felipão’s squad after the arrival of Miguel Borja, who took over the position.

At Sport, speculations involving the return of Diego Souza increased with the announcement of André, in the first half of the year. The then president Milton Bivar admitted that it was a desire to have the idol again, who defended the Lion from 2014 to 2017 and returned to the Seleção thanks to Rubro-Negro.