Director says sequel will be quick if studio wants

the director of Dune, Denis Villeneuve, said that if the studio approves the film’s sequel, he’s ready to make it happen “very quickly”. The filmmaker also spoke of starting new filming as early as 2022.

“When you do a two-part move, necessarily when you do the first part you have to know what you’re going to do in the second part. I mean, it’s been the structure, it’s been dreamed up. there are a lot of elements that are… So I would say I’m going to be ready to go very quickly now – to go quickly with a movie of this size.”, he said Villeneuve to CinemaBlend.

About the filming, the director says that it could start as early as next year: “You still need to make scenarios and costumes. So we’re talking months, but if there’s enthusiasm and the movie gets the green light, sooner or later, I’d say I’ll be ready to shoot in 2022 for sure.”

In the new adaptation of Dune, Paul Atreides (Timothee Chalamet) is an aristocrat whose family accepts to control the desert planet Arrakis, producer of a valuable resource and disputed by several noble families. He is forced to flee into the desert – with the help of his mother – and joins nomadic tribes, eventually leading them because of his advanced mental abilities.

Frank Herbert’s book is known as one of the most complex works in science fiction history, and has already yielded a big-screen adaptation directed by David Lynch, in 1984. In Brazil, the franchise books Dune are published by Aleph Publisher.

Dune premiere in October 14 of 2021 in Brazilian cinemas and, according to the screening window, it should enter 35 days later for the catalog of HBO Max.

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