Doctor is found lifeless in a hospital bathroom in the interior of Pernambuco

posted on 9/3/2021 5:55 PM / updated on 9/3/2021 5:55 PM

  (credit: SES/File)

(credit: SES/File)

A doctor was found dead on Tuesday morning (8/31), in the bathroom of the Hospital Mestre Vitalino (HVM), in Caruaru, in the Agreste region of Pernambuco. The body was seen after the professionals who were on duty noticed the absence of one of the doctors who worked in the ICU. Upon entering the unit’s bathroom, they located the professional who had no vital signs.

The hospital staff informed that the area was isolated and that the Civil Police was called and carried out the investigation. The direction of the HMV communicated that “it regrets what happened and will monitor the work of the competent body until the case is properly clarified”. Details of the case, such as name and cause of death, have not yet been released.

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