Douglas reveals requests to hide: ‘If you walk like that, they’ll cut you’ – 03/09/2021

The volleyball player Douglas Souza, who participated in the last Olympics with the national team, revealed that he had already heard requests for him to “hide” as soon as he arrived at the first team in Brazil.

In an interview with Quem, the pointer did not mention names, but said that his sexual orientation has already bothered his companions and people linked to the sport.

“When I was in the youth category and I was arriving at the national team, I used to hear from people: ‘Look, you have to hide, if you arrive at the national team talking and walking like that, they’ll cut you off, send you away… they won’t want to know.’

“I never hid or annulled the fact of being gay. I always gave a lot of attention. But now, people got to know me because of the Olympics, and it gave me this great visibility. But everything they filmed me doing in training, I’ve been doing it for a while. years in the selection. Nothing has changed,” continued the pointer.

Douglas also revealed that he had already noticed “little classmate rolling her eye” due to her exposure on social media, but he emphasized the support of the coaches in view of her behavior.

“We know that success bothers you. That’s a fact. Little buddy rolling his eye will always have it and it’s normal. I’m gay, if I don’t have a buddy rolling his eye for me, this isn’t the real world. Unfortunately, that’s the one. our reality. While we are there doing ours and having fun, there will be a guy who will say: ‘What do you mean?'”.

“But from the board, from our CT, from the technical committee, which is really what matters, I haven’t had any of that yet. Everything was very calm and everyone always treated me very well. They didn’t tell me anything about this type of exhibition . It was really cool. Even because, everything I did in the Olympics, it was three days before the competition started. When it started, I took a break”, concluded the pointer to the vehicle.