Drake leaks Kanye West’s song diss against him

Kanye West attacks Drake in “Life Of The Party” with Andre 3000.

It’s been a chess game for Drake in its continuous comings and goings with Kanye West. Although initially expected to go toe-to-toe with the September 3 release dates, the tenth studio album from Kanye, DONDA arrived in the early hours of Sunday morning to close the month of August.

Drake arrived as scheduled on Friday morning, breaking records for single-day streaming for Spotify and Apple Music 12 hours later. The Certified Lover Boy includes some lines against Kanye West, but Drizzy took his crap a step further on Friday night. SiriusXM sound42 aired last night with a special mix by The Boy, which launched Kanye West and Andre 3000’s previously unreleased collaboration, “Life Of The Party.”

In the song, Kanye West delivers what could have been his best verse in DONDA and Andre 3000, as usual, doesn’t disappoint, offering an introspective reflection of his mother’s passing. However, it is the attacks that Kanye sends in Drake’s direction that have caught everyone’s attention and largely explain Drake’s motives behind the leak.

In his verse, Kanye explains why he posted a screenshot of his conversation with Virgil and Drake that drove Twitter into hysteria. With artists such as Rooga and Larry Hoover Jr.’s appearance on DONDA, Kanye apparently hints at his links to the GD gang in his verse as well.

Drake’s movement of power rippled into the wee hours of the morning. Still, Drake went to Instagram, where he continued to target Kanye West subliminally. Drake shared a photo of himself drinking wine through your Maybac windowh with a laughing emoji. Then he shared another photo on his page where he wrote, “Waste Removal”.

In music he even targets NBA player LeBron James and rapper Travis Scott, boyfriend of Kylie Jenner, sister of his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. Around the 0:50 mark, Kanye mentions his red hat (MAGA hat) while apparently trying to hit LeBron for putting his kids in Sierra Canyon while he had his own school.

On CLB’s song “7AM On Bridle Path,” he replies to Kanye by leaking his online address. “Take this address to your driver, make it your destination / Instead of just posting out of desperation,” says Drake in the song.

Kanye West recently revealed that a music video for “Life Of The Party” is being planned, though he hasn’t shared any updates on an actual release date. He also recently previewed the single for journalists in Berlin last week.

“Where’s my motherfucking red hat? Security and nannies will always be watching. I can’t stand it when there’s talk about putting kids back in Sierra Canyon when Daddy has his own school” rhymes Kanye West in one piece, alluding to LeBron James’ kids going to Sierra Canyon instead of the LeBron Foundation.

He also criticizes rapper Travis Scott and cites the track Sicko Modo in another. “Cyhi told me to my face that Sicko Mode was his biggest song
Well, come on…because Donda was the best ghostwriter I ever had,” rhymes Kanye. In case you didn’t know, Cyhi The Prince is a well-known ghostwriter who has credits on the Travis and Kanye track.

“Trav, smile at these white people if you want (come on) while we put together a team to get Hoover out of wool (prison)” rhymes the artist. Contradictory to the fact that Travis is supposed to have sold out, Kanye has not strayed from his roots. He wants to bring harmony to his town’s gang-related turmoil by releasing Larry Hoover Sr. from prison. He believes Larry Hoover’s stories of suffering in one of the country’s most confined prisons will serve as a beacon of hope for young men and women involved in violence.

See the translation of part below.

I put Virgil and Drake in the same conversation
And it wasn’t about the arc’teryx or the Kid Cudi dress
I just told these grown men stop this funny shit
I could hire the entire ACG team
So don’t text me like I’m Juanita JCV
Or, more importantly, Monica Corgan, who was there for me
Someone was really there for me, it was rare for me
This was a new air to breathe
When I was underestimated, underestimated
shareholders told me: “The boardrooms will bore you”
And remember to follow your rules, try to follow the Lord’s rules
I thought we were the new Abu Dhabi
I told Drake not to play with me on the GD
And he sent that message to everyone
So if I hit you with a “WYD”
You better hit me with, “Yes sir, I’m writing everything you need to”