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The great sci-fi epic directed by Denis Villenueve, Dune, had its first public screening at the Venice Film Festival this Friday (3). This means that some critics who were present at the session were already able to weave their opinions about the production, generating the first reactions to the film.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the internet’s most famous aggregator of reviews, Duna has an approval from 82% of the review. At the time of writing this news, 28 texts have been taken into account. Below, you can see some fragments of the texts available in RT:

“Dune reminds us what a Hollywood blockbuster can be”, says the critic of The Guardian. “Implicitly, with its message written over and over in the sand, Denis Villeneuve’s fantasy epic tells us that big-budget shows don’t have to be dumb or hyperactive, that it’s possible to allow a silent and awkward passage through the explosions.”

the critics of Showbiz 411 believe that the public deserves to watch Duna in the midst of such a difficult time:

“The new Duna must be a resounding success. It’s a big epic like the old days, the kind we need now, to get rid of viruses, hurricanes and wars in real life. Put on a mask, grab a bucket of popcorn and relax. We need a break.”

The portal NME supports people going to the movies to check out Duna:

“Villeneuve made it very clear that he prefers his film to be seen on the big screen. And he’s right. The scale is jaw-dropping. The only thing as impressive as the grandeur is Dune’s cast, which must have cost more than Arrakis’ annual spice recipe.”

the critic of The Hollywood Reporter he didn’t like what he saw. He found Duna a boring movie, and that the best part of the story was for the sequel in development:

“Duna’s biggest problem is that this is only the first part, with the second film in pre-production. That means a lot of what we’re watching feels like a convoluted setup for a movie, hopefully more immersive – it’s tedious homework before the fun stuff starts happening.”

O gizmodo it’s just praise! The reviewer was really excited about Duna, suggesting that fans won’t be disappointed:

“It would be a shame if we never got to see the second part of this story, but Part One has satisfying narrative segments with a logical endgame that leaves you wanting more. The sets, though sporadic, are exciting, and the film presents a world of science fiction so fantastical and robust that you could watch it a million times and discover something new with every viewing. […] Dune is amazing in every sense of the word, and it will be a movie that fans will enjoy for years to come.”

O IndieWire was pretty acidic when talking about the movie. According to them, Duna is too great a movie, too long and self-indulgent:

“In the end, Denis Villeneuve was really right: his television is not big enough for Dune’s scope. But that’s only because this lifeless space opera is told on a scale so comically massive that a screen of any size would have trouble containing it. Likewise, no story – let alone the warped first half of one – could hope to sustain the grandiosity of what Villeneuve tries to build over those interminable ​​155 minutes (someone mentions that time is measured differently on Arrakis), or the sheer weight of the self-indulgent omen he hits on every plane.”

the staff of JoBlo, in turn, loved the film, even comparing it to Peter Jackson’s cult trilogy The Lord of the Rings:

“Duna is the best in science fiction. Denis Villeneuve has created one of the best fantasy films since Peter Jackson’s journey to Middle-earth. The performances are inspired, with Chalamet, Ferguson, Bautista, Skarsgard, Isaac and especially Jason Momoa as the highlights. The marriage of a fantastical script and visually sumptuous imagery helps give this two-part first a richness you rarely see on a major summer release. When the effects are so detailed and impressive, it’s easy to lose sight of everything else.”

Dune is commanded by Denis Villeneuve, of The arrival and Blade Runner 2049, from the classic novel of Frank Herbert released in 1965. The film opens on the day October 21, 2021.

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