Emanuelle Araújo comments on her relationship with her 17-year-old daughter

Emanuelle Araújo was a very young mother, still at 17 years old. Today, at 45, she praises her daughter Bruna, a psychologist who helps her as a consultant in building her characters.

Bruna is my greatest pride. She is not only an excellent professional, but an excellent human being. She is increasingly immersed in understanding people’s heads, in the sense of diversity. So that they understand more about who they really are, without barriers. I learn a lot from her. And she has such a deep study, she gives me tips. It is wonderful. said in an interview with Patricia Kogut, from O Globo newspaper

The actress says she is grateful for all the difficulties she went through to raise her daughter.

“They passed, right? When we’re in it, we don’t want them to happen, but I think all the challenges I’ve had in my life have terrified me a lot. I like my roots and marks and scars. I revere them all. They make me who I am. No. No I’m hiding. Of course it’s not all wonderful. But we are everything we were, what we are and what we will be,” he declared.

She even commented on the two-year relationship. with photographer Fernando Diniz:

We have a very nice relationship. We get along very well, we are partners. A real partnership, celebrating the good things and sharing difficult moments. We walk with truth.