Emanuelle Araújo talks about the change of look for her next work, the new project in music and the relationship with her daughter

Emanuelle Araújo (Photo: Hadrien Raitani)Emanuelle Araújo (Photo: Hadrien Raitani)

Emanuelle Araújo is blonde for the first time. The move is for her next job as an actress, still kept under wraps.

– Maybe this look is strange for Manu, but for the character, it’s perfect. I have her eyes. I totally dove – sums it up.

After she finishes recording, she will transform again to play Velma Kelly in the musical “Chicago”. Production will begin in late November. And next year, there’s already a third character in sight on Emanuelle’s path. She will finally shoot the film about the life of Sidney Magal, which has been delayed several times because of the pandemic.

Emanuelle says he likes to follow his intuition when working on each character, but without giving up technique. For this, she has the help of her daughter, psychologist Bruna Araújo, 27 years old:

– Bruna is my greatest pride. She is not only an excellent professional, but an excellent human being. She is increasingly immersed in understanding people’s heads, in the sense of diversity. So that they understand more about who they really are, without barriers. I learn a lot from her. She is the consultant for my characters. I try to research the psyche a lot. And she has such a deep study, she gives me tips. It is wonderful.

Emanuelle, 45, was a mother when she was 17. When she looks back, she sees what has been learned, but without romanticizing:

– I really appreciate all the difficulties. They passed, right? When we’re in it, we don’t want it to happen, but I think all the challenges I’ve had in my life terrified me a lot. I like my roots, marks and scars. I revere them all. Make me who I am. I don’t hide. Of course it’s not all wonderful. But we are all we were, what we are and what we will be.

These reflections on life were very present for the actress and singer during the pandemic. And the sea was his greatest confidant. Thanks to this proximity to him, the inspiration for the new album emerged:

– I wanted to take advantage of the pandemic to create. I have a record cocked. I just need to go to the studio. I’m known as a performer, but this record I composed. My inspiration was the sea. He was my salvation. The moment the beaches opened in Rio, I started to swim in the open sea. I was always afraid, but I thought it was time to face him. I was waking up at 6 am for four months to swim. That connection was very important. Hence, new ideas emerged. My last works had a strong connection with Rio. Now, I return to my hometown, Bahia.

The pandemic also meant for Emanuelle a celebration of love. He has been dating photographer Fernando Diniz for two years:

– We have a very nice relationship. We get along very well, we are partners. A real partnership, celebrating the good things and sharing difficult moments. We walk with truth.

Emanuelle Araújo with her daughter, Bruna (Photo: Reproduction)Emanuelle Araújo with her daughter, Bruna (Photo: Reproduction)

Emanuelle Araújo with her boyfriend, Fernando Diniz (Photo: Reproduction)Emanuelle Araújo with her boyfriend, Fernando Diniz (Photo: Reproduction)


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