End of CBLOL 2021: players only took 1st dose of vaccine | lol

Players and coaches from Rensga and RED Canids Kalunga, finalists of the 2nd Split of the Brazilian League of Legends Championship (CBLOL) in 2021, have already taken the first dose of the vaccine against Covid-19, but have not yet completed the immunization with the second dose , as the clubs reported to ge. According to the Ministry of Health and experts, only two doses are able to provide the maximum possible protection against the disease. Rio de Janeiro, the scene of the decision this Saturday, at 1 pm (GMT), is the epicenter of the Delta variant of the coronavirus in Brazil, with a high number of cases and deaths.

According to Rensga, the delegation that traveled to Rio de Janeiro is made up of five athletes, two coaches, a manager, three directors and two social media professionals. All have had a dose of vaccine, but have not received the second. None of them were vaccinated with Janssen’s immunizer, which is a single dose.

The last to be vaccinated, in Goiânia (GO), Rensga headquarters, were supporters Yan “Damage” and South Koreans Jong-hoon “Croc” (hunter) and Hee-min “Yuri” (middle), in the latter the 28th of August.

RED Canids, on the other hand, did not want to detail the composition of the delegation that is in Rio de Janeiro, but informed that everyone received the first dose of the vaccine. The club could not say if anyone had been vaccinated with Janssen. In the case of this brand, with a single dose, protection is given two weeks after the injection.

In Brazil, AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines are being applied with a 12-week interval between the two necessary doses. Already Coronavac, from the Butantan Institute, provides for the application of a second dose 14 to 28 days after the first.

The confrontation, which is worth the title, the prize of R$ 70 thousand and the classification for the Worlds 2021, the World Championship of LoL, will be held at Morro da Urca, according to a leak revealed by the website Baserush. There will be no audience present.

The final of the 2nd Split of CBLOL 2020 also took place in person, equally without fans, on top of a building in São Paulo, in September of last year. At the time, Covid-19 vaccines were not yet available.

Due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, CBLOL matches, which normally take place in a studio in São Paulo, have been taking place virtually since the 1st Split of 2020. Athletes play from their homes or from the teams’ training centers.

In a press release on the day of the announcement that the decision would be in person, Riot Games do Brasil informed that the final will not be open to the public and will have “all protocols against Covid-19”.

In the statement, the developer listed the following protocols: temperature measurement; mandatory use of protective masks with changes every 3 hours; use of alcohol gel and sanitizing mats; distance of 1.5 meters; isolated and ventilated cabins for players; nasal antigen tests or RT-PCR for professionals involved in event production and broadcast, as well as players.

RED Canids players on recording day before the final of the 2nd Split of CBLOL 2021 — Photo: Bruno Alvares/Riot Games