ES buys 500,000 doses of Coronavac to vaccinate young people over 18 years old

ES announces purchase of 500,000 doses of Coronavac
ES government announced purchase of 500,000 doses of Coronavac. Credit: Reproduction Government of ES

Governor Renato Casagrande announced, in a statement this Friday (3), that he will make a direct purchase of vaccines against Covid-19, that is, without the intermediation of the Ministry of Health, to apply to the population of Espírito Santo. The contract provides for the purchase of 500,000 doses of Coronavac, from the Butantan Institute, which will be used with the public from 18 years of age.

With the measure, Espírito Santo should arrive at the end of the year festivities with all people, over 12 years old, immunized with the two doses.

The initiative will also allow the State to start applying the third dose (D3) in the elderly and immunosuppressed – people with limited immunological condition – as of Monday (6), anticipating the campaign by at least one week reinforcement in immunization. For this audience, the Ministry of Health’s guidance is to use Pfizer’s vaccine as a priority, but the other two viral vector immunizers are also allowed – Astrazeneca and Janssen.

Casagrande said that each dose cost R$ 52.90 and the new shipment will be delivered on the 13th, in São Paulo, by Butantan. The contract was signed this Friday and R$29 million are already committed to pay for the immunization agents and transport them to Espírito Santo.

Renato Casagrande


“We are going to apply it to young people over 18 years of age. We are going to advance in the vaccination of young people and we are going to use the Ministry of Health’s vaccines, especially Pfizer and Astrazeneca, to start vaccinating people over 70 years of age. are already authorized to schedule the booster dose”

For the public who will take the first dose (D1) with Coronavac, the forecast is to schedule an appointment in September.

When negotiations began, Casagrande estimated using the vaccine to accelerate the immunization of health professionals and anticipate that of teachers and police officers. However, as the Ministry of Health held priority in the acquisition to carry out distribution in the country, it was only now possible to consolidate the purchase.


The president of Butantan, Dimas Covas, virtually participated in the announcement and highlighted that Espírito Santo is the first state to formalize the acquisition directly with the institute.

“It is the first contract that we have officially announced. It is a pioneering initiative in Espírito Santo with which, as in other states, we negotiate without the prospect of supply and we are now fulfilling the negotiations started at the end of 2020”, he stressed.

Dimas added that he intends to maintain the partnership with Espírito Santo for the supply of vaccines, and particularly Butanvac, which is under development at the institute. Casagrande has already announced its intention to purchase the Brazilian immunizing agent in April.

“For next year, with the new vaccine – Butanvac – we have a whole line of action to face this pandemic and Espírito Santo is a great partner”, concluded the president of Butantan.

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