Evaristo Costa discovered CNN’s resignation while watching the channel at home

Evaristo Costa said today on social networks that he learned when he returned from vacation about the termination of CNN Brasil.

“I was informed that he [o programa “CNN Séries Originais”] had been removed from the grid and that the company had no longer interest in my services,” he said in an excerpt of the text posted on Instagram.

The journalist said that he learned of his shutdown during the holidays, watching the channel’s programming.

“Watching the station’s new program call, I noticed the lack of my program. It’s from the game! ‘Your will be done’. When I recover from what happened, I’ll give you more details. Free on the dancefloor,” he said.

Among the various comments in the post from famous and admirers, the influencer Carlinhos Maia analyzed that he loves the internet since “here is our own station”. Evaristo added: “I will take your advice.”

CNN announced today that it had terminated the contract with the presenter alleging changes to its grid. Evaristo has been with the network since June 2019.

The station also confirmed the date and time of the debut of the program “CNN Business”, which will be presented by Phelipe Siani and Fernando Nakagawa. The attraction will air on Thursdays at 10:30 pm, starting on September 16th.