EVGA finally reveals the mystery behind the graphics cards that “brick” with New World ⋆

In the month of July, when the Amazon Games started a Closed Beta for the next new World, a controversial situation involving certain “high-end” video cards caught the attention and left some players very frustrated. In general, the reports pointed to the fact that the RTX 3090 series GPUs, from the brand EVGA, are “brickling” with the game. At the time, after the devs had excused themselves from the blame, the company responsible for the gadgets, also without officially taking the blame, confirmed that it would replace the equipment. And now, more than a month later, the mystery has finally been solved… shall we understand this story better?

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Well, as I pointed out, when EVGA’s graphics cards started to “brick”, the company said it would replace the defective equipment, but it didn’t quite say that it was their fault, not the Amazon Games. However, this week, a brand representative spoke to the press and told what really happened. In short, the report pointed to the fact that the faulty boards were assembled in 2020 and had problems in some circuit soldering as well as in the frame limiters.

The EVGA representative confirmed that the problem was verified in a specific batch, through an x-ray analysis, and that it was all a manufacturing defect. That is, the company took responsibility and players that have RTX 3090 model boards needn’t be worried. Of course, there are still chances that some players have the problematic batch gadgets. In this case, if the equipment has problems, just contact the company and it will send a new GPU. And that’s it! As Amazon Games had highlighted, New World didn’t “brick” players’ video cards.

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