Ex-adviser says he returned money from the ‘split’ to Bolsonaro’s ex-wife every month | Policy

The revelation was made by the former advisor in an interview with the website Metrópoles published this Thursday (2). This Friday (3), Nogueira spoke to the G1 and he said that participating in the “rachadinha” scheme was a condition for getting and keeping a job. According to him, Ana Cristina Siqueira Valle was responsible for collecting money from the cabinet’s employees.

“[Ela] stayed [com 80% do salário], much more than me. And I worked, huh? Of the people who worked, who were just oranges, she kept practically everything. It only gave a few odds to use the person’s name and account. I still earned more or less, because I worked,” he told Metrópoles.

According to the portal, Nogueira estimates that he has returned around R$340,000 of his salary.

“She determined the value and period. ‘Marcelo, I’ll give you so much’. I had to accept it or not. If I didn’t accept, I wouldn’t have a job. I was unemployed, in shit, living badly at the time, alone. Will I say no? That for me was already way beyond the market at the time. So, I hugged it,” he declared to the G1.

The former advisor said he was uncomfortable with the situation because he knew, as he said, “that it was illegal.”

“I knew she was stealing public money. I wasn’t, no, because I worked, understand? I was being wronged. But I couldn’t complain that I was being wronged because I had agreed there in the beginning. I knew that she was actually committing a crime, because I worked, I did my work,” she said.

Marcelo Luiz Nogueira dos Santos was stationed in the office of then state deputy Flávio Bolsonaro between 2003 and 2007. He got the position on the nomination of Ana Cristina, mother of the president’s fourth child, Jair Renan Bolsonaro.

The former advisor said that he did not know the destination of the money he was returning, but he said that Ana Cristina Valle “had a life [em] that she bought everything she wanted”.

“That’s what I tell you: she’s the one who has to take care of it right now. I don’t know if she gave [o dinheiro] for Bolsonaro, for Flávio, for Carlos, I don’t know. She’s the one who has to be accountable for this right now. I just know that I delivered it in her hand. Now, the rest has to be accountable to her”, she said.

According to the newspaper “O Globo”, data on Nogueira’s breach of confidentiality indicate that the former advisor made cash withdrawals of up to 93% of his salary days after payment. The practice replicates the habit of other Bolsonaro family advisors.

Jair Renan Bolsonaro and Marcelo Nogueira in a photo published on the social network of the president’s son — Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

After the divorce of Ana Cristina Valle and Bolsonaro, in 2007, Marcelo Nogueira kept close to his ex-wife and the president’s son “04”, Jair Renan Bolsonaro, who considered him “a great friend” (picture above).

“Over all these years, you’ve been a great friend to me. You’ve taught me a lot, especially how to become a good person. our way,” Jair Renan wrote on a social network in June — this Friday, he deleted the post.

Marcelo Nogueira came to accompany Ana Cristina Valle on a season in Norway (picture below), shortly after her relationship with Jair Bolsonaro ended. Upon returning to Brazil, he continued to provide service to her and her son, in the house where they lived in Resende (RJ).

Ana Cristina Valle and Marcelo Nogueira in Oslo, Norway — Photo: Reproduction / Facebook

R$ 3.2 million mansion

Earlier this year, Nogueira accompanied Ana Cristina Valle as she moved to Brasília, where she stayed until July, helping her with housework at the BRL 3.2 million mansion, to which Bolsonaro’s ex recently moved.

In Metrópoles, the former employee accused Ana Cristina Valle of having formed her patrimony – according to him, of R$ 5 million in 2020 – using a series of “oranges”. The same scheme, he said, was used in the mansion, located in Lago Sul, where the most expensive properties in Brasília are located (video below).

Bolsonaro's ex-wife and their son move to a mansion in Brasília

Bolsonaro’s ex-wife and their son move to a mansion in Brasília

Marcelo Nogueira confirmed the version to G1. According to him, a “drawer” contract was made, simulating a lease – she would have bought the property. The maneuver, he said, was made to “not cause a scandal”. “It was all done with the former owner,” he said.

The former advisor says he resigned and decided to tell what he knew because Cristina would not have fulfilled the agreement made with him before moving to the federal capital.

As he said, she promised to raise his salary from around R$1,200 to R$3,000, but she would not have fulfilled the supposed agreement.

To Metrópoles, he said that, with the remuneration of R$ 1.2 thousand, he did not even have the means to leave his house and live elsewhere. The situation led him to leave Brasília recently and return to the state of Rio de Janeiro — he did not say which city he moved to.