Ex-employee claims ex-wife of Bolsonaro forged Land Rover robbery to receive insurance

The former employee of the Bolsonaro family Marcelo Luiz Nogueira dos Santos said, in an interview with the column, that Ana Cristina Valle, ex-wife of Jair Bolsonaro, faked the theft of a car, in February 2008, to receive the amount of R$ 135,135 regarding vehicle insurance.

According to Marcelo Luiz, the episode took place when Ana Cristina was already separated from Bolsonaro. The car would be from the Land Rover brand, whose cheapest model today does not cost less than R$ 200 thousand.

Marcelo Luiz stated that the coup was carried out by her and by a militia member from Rio das Pedras, a favela in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro, controlled by militiamen.

The alleged militiaman, also called Marcelo, was said to have been a boyfriend of Ana Cristina, with whom she became involved after separating from Bolsonaro.

The car was allegedly hidden in the workshop of the alleged militiaman, in the Penha neighborhood, in the North Zone of the capital of Rio de Janeiro. At the back of the workshop, according to the ex-employee of the clan, there was a car dismantling.

Ana Cristina and the militia, according to Marcelo Luiz, would have closed an agreement for him to hide the car while she would report the theft and ask the insurance company Porto Seguro for the insurance amount.

Marcelo Luiz says that Jair Bolsonaro knew about the attempted coup and would have warned Porto Seguro about the plan, blocking the payment and causing Ana Cristina to run out of money and car.

“Bolsonaro was suspicious and reported her to Porto Seguro. So much so that the insurance was embargoed, and it hasn’t come out until today. There is this process. She fixed this crap and was at a loss, because the guy had the car, it was already a deal, and she took a loss. It took this blow”, said Marcelo Luiz. The judgment in the case filed by Ana Cristina, however, points out that Porto Seguro was ordered to pay the full payment of the insurance.

More than a decade later, in 2018, Ana Cristina declared to the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) that she only had one car: a 2013 Honda Fit, with a value of R$ 60 thousand.

When contacted, the insurance company Porto Seguro stated that it does not comment on potential clients.


The column had access to the lawsuit that Ana Cristina filed against Porto Seguro in the 1st Civil Court of Barra da Tijuca. She filed the lawsuit alleging that the car had been stolen and that it should be reimbursed by April 2 – the day after the alleged theft – in R$ 135,135. According to the lawsuit, Porto Seguro alleged that the payment was suspended by order of the police authority, which led Ana Cristina to file a new complaint, demanding the payment of moral damages.

Ana Cristina was denounced for the crimes of fraud to receive compensation or insurance value and for false reporting of crime, but was acquitted in February 2011 for lack of evidence.

The insurance company was ordered to pay the BRL 135,135 to Ana Cristina and bear the fees for the process. The lawsuit for pain and suffering was rejected by Judge Erica Batista De Castro.

In May 2011, Judge André Andrade, of the Seventh Civil Chamber, rejected Ana Cristina’s appeal, who asked for the insurer’s conviction for moral damages, and accepted a request from Porto Seguro to correct the interest that would be applied to the amount due. to Bolsonaro’s ex-wife. The judge also ruled that the fees would have to be divided between the parties.

Read what Marcelo Luiz said about Land Rover:

How was the divorce of Ana Cristina and Jair Bolsonaro?

In that sharing of goods, at the time, she got a lot of bullshit, disappeared. Remember the history of Banco do Brasil? She had two safes at Banco do Brasil. After the breakup, she said they stole. Everything that was in the safe is gone. She had jewelry, money… She filed a lawsuit against Banco do Brasil, but when she was subpoenaed, it wasn’t. She saw that she screwed up and that’s why she didn’t even show up. The process kept going. She’s the one who cleaned the safe. And then there was the story of Land Rover, which was in her name. She faked the Land Rover theft and filed insurance.

How did she fake the theft?

She left in the car and said she was robbed.

Where did she put the car?

At the time, she was going out with a militia member in Rio das Pedras, a man named Marcelo.

Did she date this militiaman?

Yes. It was after the separation [de Jair Bolsonaro]. She met this militiaman, who owned a pizzeria called Fortaleza. I think he’s even stuck. Along with him, Ana Cristina forged this robbery.

And she hid the Land Rover with this boyfriend?

IT’S. It was the two of them. He had a workshop in Penha, but in reality it was a car wreck. Then this Land Rover ended up there, because they made a deal for him to keep the car and for her to file insurance. They forged the theft, and she filed for insurance, which was owned by Porto Seguro at the time. But Bolsonaro was suspicious and denounced it to Porto Seguro, so much so that the insurance was suspended. They went to justice and everything. And she fixed this bullshit and got a loss, because the guy got the car, it was already a deal, and she took a loss, took this blow.