Fafy Siqueira remembers criticism for relationship with 36-year-old actress

About to turn 67, Fafy Siqueira told columnist Patrícia Kogut’s website that he made the union with actress and director Fernanda Lorenzoni, 30 years younger, official. “We were already married, but we decided to put it in the role,” said the actress, who is also an actress.

“I’m living through a moment of marriage that I’ve never had in my life. We love each other so much. Our families adore each other,” added Fafy, who still remembers the criticism he received after posting a photo with Fernanda last year.

“I never posted any pictures or kissing her hand. At that time, I was very sad about the death of Paulinho, from Clothes Nova, who was a person I adored. We were on a beach with her parents and we took a picture together” , he said.

“I decided to post with an excerpt from a song by the band: ‘I love you and I’ll scream for everyone to hear'”. Then they started to tease me, saying she was my daughter, my granddaughter… That irritated me so much that I deleted my Instagram account. I went without months, until I decided to go back.”

The relationship between Fafy Siqueira and Fernanda Lorenzoni has lasted for five years. In an interview with the columnist’s website last year, the actress said she was bisexual but very discreet. Despite the criticism, she was encouraged by the positive reactions from fans after taking on the romance.