Felipe Melo remembers suffering in a dramatic game and says he would like to retire at Palmeiras | palm trees

Felipe Melo gave an interview to the Argentine channel TyC Sports and recalled the suffering he experienced on the stands at Allianz Parque while watching Palmeiras x River Plate, in last year’s Libertadores semifinal.

Recovering from an ankle fracture at the time, the shirt 30 did not play the match, in which Verdão opened 3-0 in Argentina, but lost 2-0 at home and went through a lot of suffocation to secure the decision, in which would beat Santos 1-0 at Maracanã.

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Felipe Melo celebrates after the match between Palmeiras and River Plate — Photo: Marcos Riboli

– When the match ends, I uploaded a video on my Instagram screaming. I was shit, I didn’t believe what happened. The first half ends 2-0, and I’m suffering. The second half starts and the 3-0 comes out, but the VAR cancels the goal. They expelled a player from River (Rojas) and I believed that I would be calm, that we are going to score a goal and a penalty for River. I cried and shit myself on the platform. And the VAR cancels the penalty and in the end it was a cry of mercy: “It’s over”. River has a great team, and with this match we knew we would be champions, with all due respect to Santos – he said.

At the Palmeiras arena, Felipe Melo celebrates qualifying for the Libertadores final

At the Palmeiras arena, Felipe Melo celebrates qualifying for the Libertadores final

The video referee played a decisive role in correcting two marks on the field: first he identified Borré’s offside at the origin of what would be River’s third goal and then reversed Alan Empereur’s penalty on Matías Suárez.

At the end of the match, Felipe Melo posted the video on his social networks, screaming a lot. In the locker room, he was also one of the most excited to welcome the group right after the dramatic classification.

With a contract until the end of this year, Felipe Melo knows that his future depends on his next term. Maurício Galiotte has already informed him that he will not renew the bond, but there will be a presidential election in November – the advisor and sponsor Leila Pereira is the only one confirmed in the election for the time being.

The 38-year-old player still says he wants to continue playing at Verdão, but in the interview he spoke again fondly about Boca Juniors, a team with which he has already said he has an identification.

– I’m very happy here at Palmeiras. My contract ends on December 31st and I don’t know what will happen. I would love to stay a year or two more and retire,” he explained.

– I have to make it clear that I love Palmeiras, but I have to see what will happen after December 31st. If Palmeiras in the end doesn’t want me and if the team that wants me is Boca, I’ll evaluate – completed Felipe Melo.

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