Find out which famous were invited to the wedding of Viviane Araújo and Guilherme Militão

The wedding of Viviane Araújo and Guilherme Militão will feature the presence of several famous

Is today! This Friday night, 3, Viviane Araújo (46) will marry William Militão (31).

The ceremony is scheduled to start promptly at 20:00, as the bride does not want to be late, and will be attended by several famous people.

Among the artists who have already confirmed their presence is the couple of the moment, Paolla Oliveira (39) and Diogo Nogueira (40), and the actors Vanessa Giacomo (38), Ailton Grace (56). Olive Luma (56), Gloria saucer (58), little mum (37), Luis Miranda (51) and Regiane Alves (43) were also invited, however, they have not yet confirmed their presence at the ceremony.

In addition to them, Viviane made a point of inviting all her colleagues with whom she participated in the painting. Super Dance of the Famous, from TV Globo, as Dandar Mariana (33) and Carmo Dalla Vecchia (50). Remember that Paolla won the competition after playing in the final with Rodrigo Simas (29) and Dandara.

Viviane Araújo shows details of the wedding ceremony preparations

Viviane Araújo gave some spoilers of what is to come at her wedding ceremony with Guilherme Militão. On social networks, the actress who decided not to save money at the event that celebrates her love, shared a video showing the location of the ceremony and the model of the wedding invitations.

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