First episodes of the last season of ‘La Casa de Papel’ arrive on Netflix

The first five episodes of the last season of the hit Netflix series, La Casa de Papel, premiered this Friday (3rd) on the streaming platform. This is not yet the definitive end of the plot, which will still feature five more episodes to be released in December – and then be truly finished.

The series has gained thousands of viewers worldwide, and has become one of Netflix’s biggest original hits. The story portrays a team of thieves, led by a professor, who create a plan to rob one of the biggest banks in Spain – from then on, several developments took place over the four seasons already available.

Series creator Alex Pineda admitted that choosing an ending to the saga was difficult. With such repercussions, creating a conclusion that the audience would like was a challenge, which he and his team had to repeat 33 times to reach the final version, as he revealed in an interview with Esquire magazine.

Viewers are already reacting to the first wave of chapters on social media, promising strong emotions for fans of the series.

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