first part of season 5 is available on Netflix

All anxiety that involved expectations for the start of the last season of “La Casa de Papel” ended this Friday (3rd). The Netflix streaming platform released the first five episodes of the finale of the series that is a worldwide success.

The producer decided to divide the launch of La Casa de Papel this last season into two volumes. The second part consisting of 5 more episodes is scheduled to be released on December 3, at the end of 2021. The gradual process is part of a trend of releases until the end of the year.

Synopsis of Season 5 of La Casa de Papel

The 5th and final season of La Casa de Papel comes just after the end of the fourth year after the death of Nairobi (Alba Flores) and in the course of it the Professor (Álvaro Morte) is held hostage by the inspector Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri). The fired detective is one step away from killing the gang’s intellectual mentor, but when everything looks bad, it gets worse with the arrival of the Army.

With this new presence of an Army in the final season, the series gains more action, taking on, in fact, the guises of a war. There is a very detailed concern about the enhancement of the scenario. Cameras work at higher parameters capturing the full panorama of the action and quickly switch to suspenseful frames.

The band led by the Professor looks like it will need all the cunning it used in the other seasons to show that it can be stronger than the Army. Tokyo, Berlin and Lisbon are highlighted, as the Professor will be busy with the Inspector in a delicate game that could cost everything or nothing. Berlin’s success with the public aroused an attraction in the authors to make it stand out from the rest and this occurred through flashbacks of the robber’s criminal life.

The characters will be taken to the extreme in a war that will drain all the forces of the band, but with each episode they will be renewed. The apparatus of war that takes place on the stage of the robbery – Central Bank of Spain, draws attention. To get a sense of all the customization of scenes promoted by the producer, it is necessary to evaluate what a war would be like inside a building.

All the apparatuses of a real war are used in production. One of the new features is the character Rafael (Patrick Created) who will be the son of Berlin. Apparently it seems to be a platform to kill the dear character this past season and create a new “myth” that would be his child.

In the second part of the last season, apparently there will be a radical change. In the first impressions it was already announced that the episodes, available in December, will arrive with more revelations about each one of the ones led by the Professor and, with that, will be in more emotional scenes. Now it’s time to continue watching the episodes of part 1 while we wait for what the last part has in store.