‘First time I see Neymar fat and with a swollen face’, Edilson fires; Neto defends the ace of the national team

Neymar during Brazil's victory over Chile in the World Cup qualifiers (Photo: Claudio Reyes - Pool/Getty Images)

Neymar during Brazil’s victory over Chile in World Cup qualifiers (Photo: Claudio Reyes – Pool/Getty Images)

The Brazilian team won another game, this Thursday, and continues to lead the 2022 World Cup qualifier. Even with the score 1-0 against Chile, the performances of some of Tite’s men were criticized. This Friday, former Corinthians Edilson, commentator on the Band’s “Jogo Aberto” program, said that he had “never seen fat Neymar” as he did in the match.

– My highlights in this game are the difference between Brazilian football and South American football. The difference in quality, even when Brazil doesn’t play well, Brazil wins the game. Brazilian football is too far for all of them. I think it’s only Argentina that comes a little closer. But the fat Neymar. It’s the first time I see Neymar fat and with a swollen face – commented the former player, in Band.

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Walter Casagrande was another who gave his opinion on the Selection. Who also played with the “fat” of the attacker was the ex-Corinthians and presenter of “Donos da Bola” on Band, Neto. The former athlete defended the PSG star, said he was overweight and had the real thing.

– He is a phenomenon, I have no doubt about that. Now, say you came in with the G shirt, which is bigger? Just get the photos. Oh, Neymar, how are you not fat, man? But you can, it took some vacation time. Look at your navel? It fits my finger in your belly button, but what’s the problem? You’re a monster, Neymar, but you’re fat, you’re out of shape.

Even with the criticism, Neymar participated in the victory of the Seleção, this Thursday, where Brazil won 1-0. Flamengo’s midfielder Everton Ribeiro scored for Tite’s squad. On social media, the star athlete of Paris Saint-Germain also had to hear about his fitness on his return from vacation. Neymar’s name was one of the most mentioned on Twitter after the Chile game.