Galo’s physical trainer says when Diego Costa, Keno and Jair will be available – Rádio Itatiaia

Photo: Pedro Souza/Atlético
Pedro Souza/Athletic

Diego Costa has had no time off in recent days and continues to be in physical condition

After a marathon of games since April, Atlético had a break in the calendar to recover players who are out of rhythm, such as defensive midfielder Jair, who is recovering from injury, and forwards Keno and Diego Costa. The club’s physical trainer, Cristiano Nunes, told how the work is being done with each of the three and the expectation of the trio’s return.

With the break, Atlético will only play again on September 12 against Fortaleza, at Castelão, for the 20th round of the Brazilian Championship.

“We had a very strong streak of decisive games. The calls opened a space of 15 days, which we will try to make the best of possible use, with activities that promote evolution and maintain the muscular level to support the remaining three months of the season”, began Cristiano.

The physical trainer spoke about the situation of Diego Costa, who made his debut against Red Bull Bragantino, last Sunday (29), played for just over 30 minutes and scored the goal of Galo’s draw. The 19 shirt had not played since December last year and has been doing conditioning work on these days off from the rest of the cast.

“It’s an important period for him to regain his best condition. It will be necessary for him to participate in the games for him to regain his best form. We try to individualize the training loads”, he said, before projecting when Diego Costa will be able to act in 90 minutes.

“He has a lot to evolve, Diego has a longer way to reach his best form. With the commitment that the athlete has in his work routine, we hope to achieve this as he participates in five, six games. Thus, he achieves a good form capable of being able to withstand a complete match in good conditions”, he stressed.

Cristiano also commented on defensive midfielder Jair, who suffered a muscle injury in his right thigh in the 3-0 victory over River Plate, on August 18, for the Libertadores. The coach said he hopes the player will be available against Fortaleza, on the 12th.

“During this period, you try to make the group more homogeneous based on the athlete who had his work cycle interrupted, as is the case with Jair. He is in the final stages of healing and I believe that, in the next few days, he will be in transition. We are going to try to evolve so that he is able to be available to Professor Cuca in the game against Fortaleza,” he said.

About Keno, who was out of action for over a month due to a muscle injury, the fitness coach alvinegro also commented on the forward’s development on those days without games.

“Keno has been training and participating in the games, but it also needs to evolve. He is in a stronger rhythm and has shown evolution in the matches he has been entering. For sure, he will have these two weeks that will be fruitful to be able to develop his best football in the match against Fortaleza”, concluded.